Friday, October 25, 2013

Gee. When law-abiding people buy guns, crime goes down. Who would'a guessed?

Mystery: Virginia gun violence falls as gun sales soar


“It’s quite possible that you can sell a whole lot more guns and crime is still going down,” [gun control lobbyist] Goddard said. “But is the crime going down because more people are buying guns, or is the crime going down because the crime is going down?” 
Goddard said he would not have expected a rise in crime from a rise in legal gun sales, because legal gun buyers are not usually criminals – otherwise they would not pass a background check to get them. “Predicting the actions of criminals by analyzing the behavior of legal gun buyers is not likely to be productive,” he said.

Gun control is worthless. It's a typical fact-and-logic-free liberal cause that ultimately causes far more harm than good. The only effective strategy against crime is criminal control, which greater gun ownership by law-abiding citizens can help foster. 


  1. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyOctober 25, 2013 at 7:26 AM

    From the Propagandist at the Violence Policy Center:

    Each month we are finding more and more killings by concealed handgun permit holders. Just as opponents of weak concealed carry laws warned, we now know that concealed handgun permit holders are killing people in road rage incidents, arguments over parking spaces, and domestic disputes.
    --- Kirsten Rand, Propagandist (2010)

    And now...?

    Goddard said he would not have expected a rise in crime...
    --- Andrew Goddard, Gunloon (2013)

    Now that the most recent manufactured gun control hysteria is dead and rotting on the portico of the White House, the "activists" (aka "liars") start dancin' to a different tune. It's called "We Never Said".

    But, as is often the case in this world, President Jeebus McLightworker, Chief Gunloon Propagandist, has turned out to be the most successful gun salesman in history. For example, Smith and Wesson (SWHC) is trading at double the price it was in January 2009. Gains for Ruger (RGR) are even more impressive, going from a $5 stock to yesterday's $63.00.

    Keep up the good work, morons.

    1. “But, as is often the case in this world, President Jeebus McLightworker, Chief Gunloon Propagandist, has turned out to be the most successful gun salesman in history.”

      Exhibit A that conservative gun nuts are a bunch of conspiracy driven racists.


    2. Just spend a little time perusing the White Nationalist website Storm Front; you’ll see what I’m talking about.


    3. KW,
      WOW! A racist site has racist comments on it? What a revelation. Stop the presses!

    4. Kay Dubya,

      Step back, take a deep breath, count from one to zen, then embrace the tragic truth that: "Liberals Were Mistaken About Barack Obama, He’s Not One of Them."

      As the essay explains, Liberals traditionally have a platform that:
      - Zealously protects citizen’s privacy
      - Rejects Capital Punishment
      - Protects the working man’s job and standard of living
      - Supports full due process and the fair trials for those accused in our in courts
      - Meets the disabled’s needs
      - Supports the poor with real education, job training and a future
      - Provides healthcare for everyone
      - Protects retirement funds for every worker

      Obama has simply failed in helping meet any traditional Liberal goals. Instead he has achieved the following:
      - Killed millions of jobs via taxation and over-regulation
      - Signed NDAA, ended Posse Comitatus, NSA domestic spying have absolutely murdered American’s privacy, due process rights while broadening the Patriot Act and the TSA’s Unlawful searching
      - Obamacare cannot be realized without nearly full employment, so now things are worse than ever
      - Educated and skilled workers can’t find jobs
      - Social Security is obviously doomed
      - We now have a Police State in every respect
      - Pushing so-called immigration reform gives illegal immigrants job preference over America’s own under-employed and poor while opening our entitlements to all of Mexico and Central America.

      I imagine that your defense mechanism will go all in to protect you from this painful realization.

    5. Liberals also support:
      - a free/uncensored press (not eavesdropping on reporters)
      - open government (e.g., broadcasting healthcare negotiatons on C-SPAN)
      - protection for whistle-blowers (think Manning & Snowden)
      - the rule of law (not favors to corporate cronies)

      That's four more strikes against DroneFührer Barry.

  2. The facts don't matter.
    Guns are bad, big (as in huge, massive, overbearing, control-freak) government is good.
    Just OBEY!