Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I'm such a sucker. My post from a couple of days ago about the KKK lawsuit was based on a satire, which I didn't realize.

Thanks to commentor Hoo for pointing it out.

The satire does raise interesting moral and legal questions, though.


  1. Michael,

    It raises even greater questions concerning your stupidity, gullibility and propensity to believe in conspiracy theories without the slightest evidence.

    You're not particularly intelligent, are you? You keep on confirming the comments of a physician I once had as a tutor at university many decades ago who noted that surgeons are good with their hands, but not particularly intelligent.

    Surgeons are just technicians, not scientists. The scientific method and logic aren't their strong points.

    1. There was a question about my stupidity? I thought that was settled science.

    2. Michael,

      Well, it's certainly settled that you're stupid. It's not science, although someone who is stupid enough to think that teleological evolution is a reasonable theory would be stupid enough to include all sorts of nonsense as science.

      And not be able to recognise science when he sees it.

  2. fiend

    Your absence in the gay topics is notable.

    1. Anonymous,

      And your point, idiot?

      I have occasionally posted regarding homosexuality, mainly to note that even if homosexuality is 'innate', not acquired, then that doesn't mean that there's a 'gay gene'.

      I've noted that the concordance rate of homosexuality in identical twins is around 20%, not nearly 100% as it should be if there was a strong genetic component.

      Homosexuality could be innate, but related to intrauterine development or very early childhood. Not a deliberate decision at the time of puberty.