Monday, October 7, 2013

Obama shuts down Amber Alert for missing kids; reminds them to exercise.


  1. I guess Obama the evil un-american communist gay muslim atheist nigger faggot forgot to shut down the Amber Alert website in the Netherlands.

    Either that, or Egnor once again swallowed the christo-fascist propaganda hook line and sinker without checking his sources. Or maybe both.

  2. The pathetic attempt of Egnor and Republicans to blame this mess on Obama reeks of desperation.


    1. Oh. I forgot. It's not like Obama is president or something.

      The repubs have offered to fund all of the government except ocare, and have introduced focused funding bills for everything except ocare. Obama and senate dems absolutely refuse.

      Besides, the shut-down is a good thing. It's only about 20% of the government, and it has so little effect on the country that Obama has to impose ridiculous restrictions on open air monuments, to try to convince people that a government shutdown is a bad thing.

      Shut a lot more of it down.