Thursday, March 20, 2014

Censorship is atheism's immune system

The irony of intolerant atheists is remarkable. They proudly declare their open-mindedness, and in the same breath they work feverishly to extinguish by force every mention of God from civic life.

When we lack recourse to a Creator, rights become mere assertions of power. Those who have power do what they want to do-- and call it a "right". Without transcendence there are no rights, because without transcendence there can be no objective moral truths-- no rights-- at all.

Atheism cannot withstand reasoned examination. The assertion that everything came from nothing, without reason and without moral law, isn't defensible in rational discourse, so forced silent assent is necessary for atheism to hold sway over culture. Censorship is in the marrow of the godless. There are to be no questions that might lead to a Source for existence or to objective moral truth.

Atheists can't really use reason, in any coherent way. Reasoning itself depends on objective truth, a concept denied by atheist dogma. Reasoned discourse is anathema to atheists, because a world without purpose is a world without reason.

Censorship is the core manifestation of atheism-- all of atheism's power depends on making atheism immune to questions. 


  1. "Atheists can't really use reason, in any coherent way. Reasoning itself depends on objective truth, a concept denied by atheist dogma."

    I'd put it: "Atheists can't really use reason, in any coherent way. Reasoning itself depends on the capacity to grasp objective truth, and the freedom to acknowledge or refuse to acknowledge that understood objective truth, two concepts denied by atheist dogma."

  2. While Egnor is still stuck arguing Aquinas, scientists have observed the B-mode polarization of the cosmic microwave background radiation as predicted by Inflation theory. We now have observational confirmation of a theory that invariably leads to a multiverse. Another nail banged into God’s coffin, and Egnor is oblivious.


    1. Can you say more about how it invariably leads to multiverse?

      I don't agree that multiverse theory is a "nail in God's coffin", sinceI don't count the big bang as proof of God's existence, but I am skeptical that it has any empirical support


    2. Skeptical that the *multiverse* has any empirical support. The big bang theory has plenty, the BICEP2 findings being the latest


  3. AMEN. Censorship is the tool of everyone, and my parents, to control words and ideas and people being persuaded or down right offended. We couldn't curse in my home being strict Evangelical Christians.

    Yet our nations are OUR homes. As free people we must demand the freedom of conscience and so freedom to think and speak, what we think, as we see fit. OTHERS may speak against our speaking.
    However no one is to silence, by punishment or dictate, any free people.
    THEN the free people must be free to tell important truths.
    This means freedom of speech even if bad guys use it too.
    FURTHER this is so settled that the government is told it can't control speech. A government elected by the people can't control speech.
    This is the intent and spirit behind freedom of speech and so OTHER powers in the nation must not be suffered to impose speech control whatever their excuses are.
    Conservatives just need better lawyers and cases to highlight the better lawyers.