Monday, March 17, 2014

Pat Condell on Israel and the Palestinians

Pat Condell is a highly opinionated fellow (after my own heart) who pulls no punches on the violence and duplicity of Islam. He has a video in which he provides a succinct and I think quite accurate discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Condell is just as vocal about his dumb-as-a-post atheism as he is about mideast politics. So he's not right about everything, but he nails Palestinian motives and lies.


  1. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyMarch 17, 2014 at 8:35 AM

    OT: Stay alert. Today's the day that Sec of State "Lurch" Kerry warned the Russians that "serious steps" would be taken in the Crimean dispute. Serious.

    But don't panic. Sec Lurch also said that “we have contingencies – we are talking through various options". But what kind of options? Lurch went on to say: "options that may or may not be available.”

    Oh. I see. I'm skeert. I'll bet Vladimir is, too.

  2. I;m interested in creationism or other movements in north america.
    I believe israel has been created by God for prophecy agendas as stated in the bible.
    however by mans moral laws israel has no right to exist as it was opposed by the moral and practical owners of the land. The arabs now called Palestinians. The Jews also murdered the British soldiers/civilians to make a independent country. All the more discrediting any moral claim for israel or right to criticize moral complaint from the true owners of that land.
    The jews should of stayed in the countries they always demanded they had a right to live in and prevail over the native population in all good things. Then they show they never were fellow countryman but a foreign nation and up and leave like that.
    Indeed such people should not be in another peoples country if breaking social contract with the native.
    The big moral point now is time. Those who robbed and those who were robbed in israel are dead. its new generations that possess israel and the arab new generations, save for a few, do not possess it.
    in short the wworld is for the living and not the dead.
    Conquest is moral for later born generations. As in North america in minor details of Indians. Bery minor in comparison as the land here was empty and no claim made for it like in real civilizations.
    If the dead were here it would make a big difference as to Israels right to exist. however only the living and so the men of Israel can morally demand its their home. Not the others anymore except as citizens under terms.
    Likewise in North America toward immigrants.
    however it is a great injustice that Israel, and Egypt again for Israel, has received billions of bucks a year for their gain and not the gain for Yanks or peoople in serious need in the world.
    Thats a crime against justice and love and man's rights to his money or mans love by way of money.

    1. Robert,

      That's 10 minutes I'll never get back - deciphering your illiterate ravings.

      You're appallingly anti-Jewish. Israel was formed after the Second World War as a result of the Holocaust. The Jews who managed to survive had come to realise, perhaps wrongly, that they weren't safe in Europe.

      The Holocaust made them realise that wanting to be regarded as citizens of the countries their ancestors had been part of for centuries could be withdrawn at any time.

    2. The holocaust just speeded it up. The Jews were safe everywhere except from Hitlers armies. Thats all. No need to leave any countries except Germany. No excuse there for leaving a country they were allowed to live in. Except germany which was few people.
      Citizenship for a foreigner is a contract and not a natural right. Its conditional upon fulfilling the contract of being a good fellow citizen. this decided by trial if the issue comes up.
      It can't be withdrawn at anytime but it can be withdrawn.
      Remember Arab claims to that area was revoked by the Jews by force. Not consent by the arabs.
      Anyways all this holocaust stuff is irrelevant to invading another peoples home. Its a clear injustice on all accounts.
      However the remedy is the reality the invaders and the invaded are all dead. The living people possess and don't possess israel land. Thats the moral and legal way to look at it as i see it.
      However a apology to the arabs by the jews might settle pride and justice feelings.
      The arabs accept israel is there for good. They just want the moral victory. They deserve it.