Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dear Prudence...

From Dear Prudence, on Slate:
Dear Prudence, 
I am 40 years old and until recently a single father. A little over a year and a half ago, I met a woman who totally changed my perspective on life. I’d never believed in soul mates, but she made me a believer. We could complete each other’s sentences and had the kind of love that I’d never felt for anyone. After six months we bought a house together, merged families, and I proposed. Three months ago my fiancée had a major stroke, lost all function on one side of her body, lost her speech, and is disabled. She will likely never return to work or the life she had. She can now walk some and has regained some speech, but it is limited. Her arm still has no function. This has created a future that I had not envisioned nor signed up for. Every day is a reminder of what once was, and so is a constant source of hurt and pain. I am committed for at least a year, which is how long I knew her before her stroke, to assist her in regaining as normal a life as possible. But I cannot envision going through the rest of my life like this. I know she will be devastated if I leave, but I will be devastated if I stay. Additionally, I do not think it fair to my own child, who has a limited number of years remaining at home. This is a tragedy no matter what choice is made. I welcome your thoughts.

—Life Changes in a Minute

Prudence was easy on the guy, taking the "who's to judge" perspective. 


What can I say. Every once in a while, you hear something that so clearly confirms Original Sin-- something that so clearly shows a deep evil in the human soul-- that it takes your breath away.

May God help the poor woman, and may He forgive (and change the heart of) the guy who wants to dump her. 


  1. She's his soul mate, though he's going to ditch her as soon as it gets tough. Right.

    Don't let anyone tell you that Jesus told us not to judge. He told us not to judge hypocritically. He actually COMMANDS us to judge wisely.


  2. Commissar Boggs, Ministry of TruthMarch 22, 2014 at 7:40 AM

    The mantra of the civil marriage: "What have you done for me today?"

    Obviously, this man's "soul" isn't going to get rubbed by this woman. Basically, as a wife, she's useless. So it's important to him that he take his "soul" elsewhere. Hmph. Should be obvious.

    But Doctor, I see we're having this conversation again. Moral and cultural matters should be left to experts like "Prudence" aka Emily Yoffee (Wellesley graduate, author of What the Dog Did: Tales from a Formerly Reluctant Dog Owner, Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,220,593 in Books). Individuals like Ms Yoffee have been carefully vetted by professionals, and are eminently qualified to comment on personal issues.

    Take a clue from today's hot headlines:

    All- Breaking news: No breaking news on Flight 370. [Was Natalee Holloway on board?]
    NBC- Gays in two MIchigan counties to wed Saturday
    CBS- Giraffe nuzzles dying man
    ABC- 10 healthy choices to make before you're 30
    CNN- New app helps you avoid exes [timely, eh?]
    Fox- Black market thrives with high cigarette taxes

    That's real journalism, tovarisch. Try and write something a little more vacuous and entertaining. All this moral dudgeon is depressing to the Collective.

    PS: The word "sin", like "terrorist", is not in the Associated Press style manual. Too judgmental. Word to the wise.

    1. Commissar Boggs, Ministry of TruthMarch 22, 2014 at 8:46 AM

      I can't believe I forgot MSNBC!!! That won't happen again, I promise.

      MSNBC: Michelle Obama plays ping pong

    2. The mantra of the civil marriage: "What have you done for me today?"

      Sadly, seems like it Commissar.

    3. They weren't married. In fact, they were 'living in sin'. I suspect that's why Jesus gave her a stroke.

    4. your cynical comebacks aren't funny. you're just an angry little troll who never contributes anything of value to the conversation.


  3. Commissar Boggs, Ministry of TruthMarch 22, 2014 at 8:21 AM

    Off-topic: Electric cars love global warming

    Testing by AAA has found that how far an electric vehicle can travel on one charge varies widely depending on the weather. Frigid temperatures can reduce that distance by 57%.
    --- LA Times (3/20/14)


  4. Gee, a straight-forward reading of the wedding vows seems to indicate that that is exactly what he "signed up for".

  5. Nobody has to judge the man, he's just an a**hole!

  6. It's ironic that Egnor pretends to get all upset by the selfish intentions of this man. At the same time, Egnor supports policies that leave millions uninsured and cause tens of thousands of deaths in the US every year.

    If you're looking for proof of "original sin", Egnor, look no further than your own heart to find evil.

    1. I treat uninsured patients every day. No questions asked. I'm actually on call this weekend. I've gotten out of bed in the middle of the night hundreds of times to save the lives of patients without insurance.

      How you could accuse me of callousness to people who cannot pay for medical care, when I donate a major portion of my work to children and adults who can't pay for their care, is beyond comprehension. I could double my income if I adjusted my practice toward lucrative insured patients and high-paying procedures. I treat the poorest of the poor in my community.

      How much of your work, troy, do you do on behalf of the poor, without compensation? Or do you merely anonymously tout socialist panaceas, and consider yourself virtuous?

    2. nice retort, dr. egnor. this troy doesn't know a thing about you. he isn't fit to carry your jockstrap.

      troy, millions are still uninsured in this country. all obamacare has done is made insurance more expensive and empowered government.


    3. I'm glad to hear you don't send away uninsured people to their death. But that's your job, isn't it? It's appalling that you even think you're doing a good deed by not letting uninsured people die, and brag about it.

      My wife and I have adopted a little boy from Africa. He is a very happy little kid now.

  7. Wow,thanks Mr.Egnor!

    Troy, how big do you feel? Bacteria size?

    "The infinitely little have a pride infinitely great."


  8. "Troy, how big do you feel? Bacteria size?"

    No: leftists are shameless ... and they *never* learn -- both defects seem to be a requirement of being a leftist shill.

    1. Ilion and Eugen,

      So, why should Troy feel ashamed? He was referring to health insurance, not about medical practitioners, such as Egnor, refusing to treat the uninsured for free in emergencies.

      The major part of the cost of healthcare isn't the fees charged by doctors. It's the cost of accommodation in hospitals, which have to staff their facilities with many, often highly trained professionals such as nurses and physiotherapists, and expensive equipment such as X-ray and pathology.

    2. Bach

      It's nice to stand up for your atheist friend yet you don't say anything about Mr Egnor's work on helping disadvantaged.

      I'm blessed to have lived only in systems which provide health care to all citizens. I can just imagine how bad can it be for uninsured people.

      I have seen sad, tired, toothles, faces of uninsured whose dignity have been taken away by criminal governments (left or right policies) corrupted by big corporations. I cannot be happy abot that.

    3. Eugen,

      Egnor's response to Troy was a non sequitur. Troy commented on Egnor's opposition to Obamacare and Egnor replied that he treats uninsured patients for free.

      If he'd replied that he opposed Obamacare because it's bad policy (and I'd agree - Australia would never adopt Obamacare in preference to its current system), it would be an appropriate response.

      Matt Taibbi has a recent book 'Griftopia' which in part notes how bad Obamacare actually is (although he notes that the previous system wasn't much better if at all).

      Actually, I've reread my comment, and I notice that I worded it badly. I shouldn't have implied that Egnor doesn't treat uninsured patients in emergencies for free. I was just noting that health insurance covers more than medical fees. An uninsured patient will be financially destroyed by the hospital charges.