Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hitler finds out that Walker won the Wisconsin recall election


  1. I actually thought that these spoofs on 'der Untergang' were very funny, the first 2 or 300 times. How many have been created already? 1000s? 10,000s?

    I've got the DVD of 'der Untergang' with German audio and also subtitles (unfortunately, also in German but very useful for reminders about the characters, often the subtitle reads - in German - Professor Schenck is standing between two pillars in the hall, and golly, so he is).

    It's off putting to hear the German and to read a 'translation' that's got absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Talk about cognitive dissonance. It's like seeing the words 'Christianity', 'Michael Egnor' and 'rational' in the same sentence.

    1. Anon:

      They'll have to make a "Hitler finds out that Anon finds it off putting to hear the German..."

    2. My favorite Hitler video is when Hitler finds out he bombed the final exam in Organic Chemistry. He rants that nobody could possibly memorize all that crap and the orbital models look like balloon animals...

      My daughter just finished organic in college and directed me to it.

    3. Mike,
      Every single time I see one of these 'Downfall' clips it makes me think Bruno Ganz should have won the Oscar for that performance. Obviously he was so convincing that it has gone VIRAL.
      Glad to see Walker and common sense win the day ;)

  2. Pretty good movie. The spoofs are getting old.


  3. It’s certainly not surprising that Dr. Egnor is willing to jump on a Hitler bandwagon.

    Instead of dragging down the public employees to mach the losses suffered by the privately employed under the modern era of union busting and deregulation, perhaps we should be fighting to restore the balance between business and labor to where it was when times where good and wealth generated was shared by all the participants, and not just the investor class.