Thursday, June 14, 2012

"...partisanship is very much a part of journalism now."

In case you ever wondered if mainstream journalists were just left wing hacks.

President Obama attended a glitzy fundraiser Wednesday night at the Beverly Wilshire hotel in Los Angeles. The event, which focused on the gay agenda, featured Ellen Degeneres and what the Los Angeles Times called "a who's who of gay Hollywood." Top officials from a number of gay activist groups were there as well, according to White House pool reports. 
Also attending was Les Moonves, the chief executive of CBS, who told the Los Angeles Times that Obama "has shown great leadership" on gay marriage. When the paper mentioned that the fundraiser was a partisan event and that Moonves oversees a broadcast network news division, Moonves said, "Ultimately journalism has changed…partisanship is very much a part of journalism now." 
"I run a news division," Moonves added, according to the Times. "I've given no money to any candidate." Why Moonves, a non-giver, was at a political fundraiser was not clear. 
Over the years, CBS News has often faced accusations of liberal bias, which it has steadfastly denied. Was Moonves suggesting a new policy? I asked network spokesman Dana McClintock whether Moonves, when he said, "partisanship is very much a part of journalism now," was referring to CBS News. 
McClintock sent back a four-word response: "No he was not." 
So: When the chief executive of CBS attends an Obama fundraiser and explains his presence in part by saying that "partisanship is very much a part of journalism now," he does not mean CBS. [Emphasis mine]

Sure. CBS news boss Moonves didn't mean that CBS news was overtly partisan when he told the Los Angeles Times that "Ultimately journalism has changed... partisanship is very much a part of journalism now" while attending a fundraiser for President Obama.

You'd be foolish to doubt the objectivity of CBS. 


  1. Of course CBS is biased. It is only Fox News that is unbiased. That must be the only explanation why Egnor does not see fit to criticize Fox News.

    1. Oh, you're so predictable. Because Fox News is biased, that means that CBS is not? Why is is that whenever a liberal can't defend the obviously biased CNN, MSNBC, new York Times, Los Angelese Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, and CBS, he invariably falls back on, "Fox News is the biased network!"

      Did Egnor say that Fox News is unbiased?

      For years, liberals denied that reporters had any agenda. They said that anyone who had a problem with the way the news was reported obviously just had a problem with the truth. They were the journalists' primary defenders. As the old saying goes, "Reality has a definite left-wing bias."

      And then Fox News was born and they discovered journalistic bias. They've screamed and had temper tantrums. That's not fair! Liberals are supposed to have 100% media dominance! 95% isn't good enough!

      The Torch

    2. By the way, in terms of the homosexual issue, I would suggest that Fox leans left too.

      FNC donated 10,000 dollars to the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association. Here's a "pro-gay" site as a source, since you roundly refuse to believe anything that doesn't come from a left-wing source:

      Recall FNC's Megyn Kelly's assertion that anyone who doesn't want their kids to see "transgenedered" "man" Chaz Bono on Dancing With the Stars is actually responsible for violence against transgendered people.

      "This group of people is persecuted already, and now you’ve got Dr. Ablow telling people that if your kids sees one in a manner that’s something akin to a celebration, your kid may wind up being one of them! Now there are people in this country that will react to that, and the next time they see a transgender at the McDonald’s or at some group event, and that’s irresponsible."

      Read more:

      Ablow's point is that pushing transgendered people into the spot light celebrates gender confusion, which is what they want. It causes more gender confusion. Megyn Kelly thinks that's absurd. No, it won't cause gender confusion, but objecting to it will lead to violence!

      This is the homosexual lobby's primary tactic: blaming violence on people who had nothing to do with it. It's a good way of shutting people up.

      Kelly was the NGLJA guest of honor at their conference.

      The Torch

    3. Fox leans way left on the homosexual issue. You're right, Torch.


  2. Why Moonves, a non-giver, was at a political fundraiser was not clear.

    Yes, why a news person would be present at a newsworthy event is a complete mystery.

    1. He's not a reporter, smart ass. If he wanted to cover the event, he would send someone. He was a participant.

      Do you think Rupert Murdoch or Pinch Sulzberger attends White House conferences?

      The Torch

    2. He's not there as a reporter! He's there as a participant. What part of that don't you understand?

      Here's a hypothetical:

      Hey, do you think Rupert Murdoch showed up last night at the National Oilmen's Summit because

      A) Those are his buddies and he's in cahoots with them, or
      B) He's there as a cub reporter to cover the event for the network

      You are really, really stretching here.

      The Torch

    3. I have to agree with The Torch here.

      Anonymous is stretching beyond belief. The idea that the president of the organization was there to "give feedback to his news organization about an event" is pretty lame.

      And then, he admits, "Ultimately journalism has changed…partisanship is very much a part of journalism now."

      He must have known that he stepped in it.

      Er...but I'm not talking about MY network! We're different!


    4. "Because only someone who is officially designated as a "reporter" can give feedback to his news organization about an event. Right. Gotcha."

      He pays other people do that. That's their job, not his. He was there to show his support.

      Little John

  3. "You are even dumber than Egnor. Which is difficult."

    Resorting to ad hominem attacks, I see.


  4. I want to know if this the anonymous lawyer. The one who thinks that 18=21.


  5. Journalism is dead. It's been dead for a long time. Perhaps it was never really alive.

    When you have partisan activists masquerading as reporters, you do not have a real news outfit.

    Just tell me what's going on out there in the big, wide world. Don't try to package the news in such a way that I will be persuaded to see things your way.

    Sadly, that's the state of journalism today.