Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The lesson from Madison

Douglas MacKinnon has a great post on the lessons to draw from Governor Walker's victory in the Wisconsin recall election.


... It's a loud and clear pronouncement that big government and big-government giveaways to people who want something for nothing is over. Look at the actual results. Listen to the actual people of Wisconsin. 
Many were flat-out offended and angered that the far-left flooded into their state to attempt to overturn the voice of the people. These voters, like the majority of the American people, are tired of being fooled or even fooling themselves. They look at the life-destroying economic collapses in Greece, Spain, Italy, Illinois, New York and California and now know exactly the cause and who is willingly spreading the disease. 
The voters of Wisconsin know that the Democrat Party is for the most part owned and operated by corrupt public-employee unions that want to suck every last dollar out of their pockets to fund bankrupt pensions and health care plans for themselves and their members. 
The voters of Wisconsin have realized that these unions and the politicians who support them are literally stealing from them and endangering the economic future of their children...
Just as they have caught on to the dangers of the nanny state, especially in the hands of inexperienced "community organizers." It does not take much to read between the lines to realize that a number of Democrats with real-world experience see the wheels flying off the big-government wagon and its operators being exposed as the real problem of the moment. 
As Ed Rendell, former Democrat governor and head of the Democratic National Committee, just said with regard to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, "I think she would have come in with a lot more executive experience. I think the president was hurt by being a legislator only." 
OK, let's be honest. Obama was not even a legislator, and Rendell knows that. During his barely two years in the Senate, Obama was running full time for president. During his time in the legislature in Illinois, he was voting "present." Hardly a profile in courage... 
Americans are now choosing self-responsibility and fiscal sanity over the suicidal power grabs of the public-employee unions and their political protectors. Not only will these corrupt public-employee unions continue to take a pounding across the country but come November, Obama will too. 
That is the real "wake-up call" the far-left most fears.

There is a massive political shift beginning in the United States. It is made possible by the internet and alternative media. It's more and more difficult for political gangsters to hide.

The sorting out of all of this will be a new dynamic. No longer will the battle be between well-intentioned yet naive adversaries of the right and the left. The battle will be between the people who support the gangsters, with full knowledge of who and what they are, and the people who fight for integrity and fiscal sanity.

We should not underestimate how many Americans will fight for the gangsters. It will not be a majority of Americans, but it will be an army of organized and well-funded leftist thugs, and many scores of millions who get your tax money (i.e. a government check) when the leftist thugs are in power. Our politics is going to get ugly in the next decade.

How ugly? The gangsters are the unions and the hard leftists. Think union mobsters and the Weather Underground, panicked, with all of their corrupt power at stake.

Perhaps violently ugly. 


  1. "There is a massive political shift beginning in the United States."

    I sure hope you are right on this point. I thought the need for this was obvious in 2008. But the results of that election left me with little faith in the American people to recognize the dangers we are in and to pull ourselves back from the precipice.

    However, I have linked to a post below by James Piereson who claims that we are in the throes of a fourth revolution that will transform the nation for at least a generation. He likens it to the Civil War and the New Deal. I sure hope he is right.


  2. The exit polls where 50-50 with news organizations speculating that we may not know who won for days. For me it was a real WTF moment when they called the election for Walker so early. Turns out that the vote counting machines in Waukesha are both notoriously unreliable and easy to manipulate.

    It’s also not insignificant that out of state billionaires poured so much money into the race that Walker was able to outspend Barrett 7 to 1.

    I would love to see a constitutional amendment that would require all paper ballots, and for those ballots to be counted by hand with representatives of both (or all) parties getting their eyeballs on each and every ballot. Our ability to continue to claim we live in a Democracy may depend on it.


  3. I find it odd that the weaker and rarer unions become, the better connected and stronger [I'm told] they get. It's remarkable, really. This means that, eventually, unions will consist entirely of one person with virtually godlike power. Probably this union thug. Scary, I know. Even scarier than the scary image of the thuggish Weathermen and the thugs of the thuggy SEIU combined! Maybe even with some ACORN, Soros and New Black Panthers mixed in. I know! It's like a spooky terrifying nightmare of scary horrifying fear that in no way matches anything reasonably resembling reality.