Friday, May 24, 2013

Dem. Rep. Conyers: 'Who knew that Farrakhan was an anti-Semite?"

From CBS Detroit:

DETROIT (WWJ/AP) – A Michigan congressman has apologized after attending Louis Farrakhan’s appearance at a Detroit church during which the Nation of Islam leader made anti-Jewish remarks. 
U.S. Rep. John Conyers joined Detroit City Council member JoAnn Watson and others at Fellowship Chapel for Farrakhan’s Friday speech. 
The Chicago-based minister denounced “Satanic Jews” and the “synagogue of Satan” that he said controls major U.S. institutions and said President Barack Obama has “surrounded himself with Satan … members of the Jewish community.” 
In a statement out Thursday, Conyers said, “Farrakhan made unacceptable racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic statements” that Conyers condemns “in the strongest possible terms.” 
Conyers’s statement comes one day after the Jewish advocacy group the Anti-Defamation League criticized the Detroit Democrat for failing to counter Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism.

Farrakhan-groupie Conyers is the ranking member-- the most senior f*cking Democrat-- on the House Judiciary Committee (!) He confirms Supreme Court justices.

Imagine if a prominent conservative Republican congressman attended a sermon given by a Neo-Nazi-- a very close parallel to Farrakhan, who has expressed admiration for Hitler. The Republican congressman's career would be over. Instantly. Apology not accepted. And appropriately. It would be headline news for weeks, and the Republican Party would be implicated incessantly. Scores of prominent Republicans would be asked to denounce the former Republican (Republican... Republican...  Republican... ) congressman's act. The congressman would have difficulty even going out in public without being heckled.

Democrats have different rules. The Left is uncommonly candid lately.


  1. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyMay 25, 2013 at 8:42 AM

    Leftists and Progressives cannot be held to a moral standard they do not possess or claim. Racism, bigotry, murder, mendacity, intimidation, and hate are strategies of the Left.

    All one need do is look at the lies perpetrated in manufactured "hate crimes" (e.g., Meg Lanker-Simons' obscene Facebook message), the public bigotry and hate (Farrakhan), intimidation (IRS, New Black Panthers armed "poll watchers"), murder (the abortion industry), and racism ("White Girl Bleed a Lot") to know there is no moral floor beneath the Left. There is nothing they will not do to feed their greed and assuage their envy.

    The ridicule heaped on the Judeo-Christian moral opposition is based on a perfectly reasonable basis when viewed from the philosophical perspective of the Left: if other human beings are nothing but programmed meat, anyone who doesn't treat them like the mindless cattle they are is a fool. They have not been shy about this; look at Ezekiel Emanuel's Complete Lives Plan for health care triage... it could have been designed for a cattle rancher or a kennel operator.

    The hate is differently sourced: it stems from the fact that Judeo-Christianity is the only thing standing between the Left and their mad political goals.

    1. Adm:

      I agree emphatically. I especially agree that the primary goal of the left is the destruction of Christianity-- it first flared in the French Revolution, and continues unabated. All else-- leftist racism, lies, thuggishness, hate etc-- means, more than ends.

      The end is the destruction of Christian belief, morality, and culture, and the total empowerment of the Left.