Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gosnell gets life

Kermit Gosnell was convicted of first-degree murder and will serve life in prison.

His atrocities will reverberate. Gosnell is poison to the pro-abortion movement, and they will spin it, as they are already doing. I don't think they'll get anywhere with the spin, but they'll do as much damage control as they can.

I'd love to see congressional hearings on the abortion industry. We on the pro-life side need to make sure that as many people as possible understand that Gosnell is no out-lier. What Gosnell did is what abortion is.

I'm glad he didn't get death. He deserves death, and much worse. But we all deserve worse than we get.

There's already been too much killing. 


  1. Mike,

    I have mixed feelings about the sentence. On the one hand, I am against the death penalty in 99% of all cases. Gosnell falls into the 1%, and so I would not have been horrified had he had been sentenced to death. Also, if he had been sentenced to life on the advice of the jury, I would have been utterly content. The plea bargain is what gets me. I understand he has given up his appeals etc, but I am not so sure THAT sits well with me either.
    Anyway, I am glad he is out of business and locked up.
    But, you're correct this IS abortion's not-so-clinical REAL face.
    Just to drive the point home, it seems ANOTHER Gosnell style trial is about to begin in Texas.
    Link below.

    1. I just ran a search for "Douglas Karpen" at Google News. The search returned only 41 stories, primarily in Texas papers, conservative sites, and pro-life sites.

      I was amazed to see a link to a 5/16/13 New York Times story "Texas: Investigation of Abortion Doctor"
      , but the text was a mere 104 words, and the story appeared (was buried?) on page A15 of the New York edition (only?).

      So, congrats to the UK Daily Mail for their coverage!

  2. in any way abortion is still not moral. it is murder.

  3. I was also very glad to hear that Gosnell got life rather than death. Throughout the trial I was of course hoping he would be found guilty, but there was always the possibility that he would face capital punishment, which is something I also didn't want. It was quite the conundrum. Let Dr. Death go or spill more blood? Of course, there was a third possibility--none of the above. Thankfully, that's what he got.

    There are more Dr. Gosnells out there. People don't understand that. Maybe they will now.


  4. "Kermit Gosnell was convicted of first-degree murder and will serve life in prison."

    A "life" sentence doesn't mean much; you surely know that.