Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodness gracious this is funny...


  1. is the media perhaps...waking up? i can't say for sure. it would be nice.


    1. I think that the MSM is hopeless, and for the most part are part of the Obama administration. This is a struggle for American between two classes, so to speak, and the press has decisively taken sides.

      There will be some critique of Obama and his scandals, but it will be friendly and will devolve to collaboration in short order.

      A few MSM journalists may actually take courageous stands (Sharyl Attkisson), but they will be rare.

      Angelo Codevilla's essay and book The Ruling Class is the indispensible guide to this brewing civil war.

    2. Link:

      A must read.

    3. I think that the MSM is hopeless, and for the most part are part of the Obama administration.

      If that's not a conspiracy theory, then what is?


  2. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyMay 31, 2013 at 4:27 PM

    Well, that's what the Justice Department allows the press to say.

    But this is what the Justice Department does not allow you to say:

    “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society” will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 4, at the Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center, 147 Hospitality Blvd.

    Special speakers for the event will be Bill Killian, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, and Kenneth Moore, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Knoxville Division...

    Killian said Internet postings that violate civil rights are subject to federal jurisdiction.

    “That’s what everybody needs to understand,” he said.

    --- Tullahoma News (5/31/13)

    You know what I heard? The Tsarnaevs are Mennonites! Who knew??

    1. The reason they've purchased all the bullets seems more and more obvious.

    2. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyMay 31, 2013 at 4:48 PM

      It does indeed.

    3. It's a scary world out there. Tinfoil hats alone won't do. You, guys, should purchase machine guns to defend yourselves.


    4. Interestingly enough, the vast majority of the people I know who feel there is a serious problem brewing don't need tinfoil hats as they wear ones made from kevlar and other similar materials. Some of us wear caps, berets, and even shemaghs and balaclavas when keeping 'busy'.
      In fact, in the case of the kevlar types most are required to when on the job; quaintly known as 'duty'. Workplace safety and all, you know?
      Also interestingly, many of these good folks not only have training and experience in the use of 'machine guns' and other weapons but are also control the (legal) stockpiles of them. Some truly wonderful things mixed in with those stockpiles too, let me tell you! Captain Kirk would be jealous :)
      Their (and I must admit, my own) problem is not so much a constant paranoid fear of tyranny and the disregard for truth, justice, and even common law in the name of politics which we all observe far too often these days; but it is these 'oath' things we have all taken that perhaps makes them/us a little less tolerant of a 'slide' this way or that.
      Different oaths, mind you, to different temporal powers and different charters, but with the same general gist and the same bottom line and guarantor (the Big Guy).
      They/we tend to take such oaths very seriously.
      When overtures are made that indicate these kevlar hat wearing types may have to break said oaths, or when (as in the ammunition grabs, to name but one such effort) internal agencies seem to be stockpiling materiel that dwarfs several warring NATO powers own... well they/we get what you could 'antsy'.
      They worry, you could say, that the political blocs intend to take their ideological quarrels to entirely unfamiliar (domestically) level.
      Of course there is always the hope that it is all just games and intimidation that will end when the 'bluff' is called... but the general idea seems to be kind of like 'hope for the best, but expect the worst.' The kevlar hat types seem to operate best that way. After all, their job is not just that old fashioned concept of 'defence' (or defense in some dialects), but also the preservation of the very unfashionable nation-state.
      Funny coincidence, eh?
      Maybe the tinfoil hats folks have similar concerns?
      Maybe some of them used to actually be the kevlar hat folks? Seems so....
      Just a thought that often passes through the old noggin when I hear the 'tinfoil' brigades brought up.

    5. PS.
      Lead-foil and commonly available sound insulation would be far more effective against ELF, if that is what your referring to constantly folks.
      But, it would require much more than a hat.

    6. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyJune 1, 2013 at 12:28 PM

      I think this is what hoo refers to:

      Unfortunately, you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems; some of these same voices also doing their best to gum up the works. They’ll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices.
      --- B Obama

      hoo hears these voices, too. Allegedly, they are in the 20-45 kHz range (dog "whistles"). These voices are above the hearing range of most normal humans, which is why only Progressives hear them gumming up the works.

      In years past, they put people who heard these voices, the soft murmuring of the gummer-uppers, in institutions where they could be properly cared for. Under Obamacare, the former inmates will be running the institutions.