Friday, June 24, 2011

Anonymous:" I'm having trouble squaring the terms "conservative", "Catholic", and "neurosurgeon"."

Commentor Anonymous:

I'm having trouble squaring the terms "conservative", "Catholic", and "neurosurgeon".

Just what is it about "conservative' and "Catholic" that precludes the skillful practice of neurosurgery? I'd love to hear your (atheist) perspective on that question.

The first two explain your idiocy.

Oh. You think that conservatives and Catholics are idiots. Make the case.

How did you every become a doctor?

Don't yu luve it when a felow challenjes a neurosugon's compatince and misspells the challenge?

I became a neurosurgeon when skill and knowledge, rather than ideological conformity, were the criteria for professional certification.

How about we keep it that way, in medicine and in science?


  1. I cannot believe I have not found your blog until now. I have been a big fan ever since you started writing on Evolution News and Views. Keep up the great work. We are very much looking forward to reading your blog every day.

  2. 'Don't yu luve it when a felow challenjes a neurosugon's compatince and misspells the challenge?'

    its tha bets wehn they doo taht!

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  4. You are not alone in this belief.

    Operating theatres, like foxholes (my own expertise), are places where atheism simply does not flourish.

  5. Militant atheism is rapidly becoming (if it has not already done so) the lowest, most Neanderthalic, form of know-nothing bigotry.

  6. You're absolutely correct, being a conservative catholic does not explain your idiocy. However, combined with your writing, it's pretty solid evidence

  7. Well, I for one, prefer to be insulted for WHO I am, rather than WHAT I am... Don't know about you, Mike or Matteo.
    Apparently the religion and politics are simply aggravating factors, that when combined with an adverse opinion/theory lead to derision and insults.
    Idiocy? That's a bit of a big word for such a tiny perspective.
    How about 'jerk'?
    Nice and simple, just like atheism.