Saturday, June 18, 2011

NCSE seeks climate specialist (must be discreet, litigious, willing to punish deniers)

This from The National Center for Selling Evolution Science Education Program and Policy Director Josh Rosenau:

NCSE wants a climate specialist
Category: Planet Earth • Policy and Politics

The National Center for Science Education is hiring a Climate Change Programs and Policy Director:
NCSE seeks candidates for our Climate Change Programs and Policy Director.

So why would an organization single-mindedly devoted to the suppression of debate about Darwin's theory stick its toe in the climate change waters? Perhaps the NSCE sees an opportunity to apply its "education" skills to a broader range of ideology science.

The Climate Change Programs and Policy Director's duties will include:

* counseling teachers, administrators, parents, and other concerned citizens facing challenges to climate change education;

'NCSE attorneys will provide you with the evolution climate change curriculum that you will teach to your children in your schools with your money. You'll follow it to the letter, or we'll suck every last dime out of your litigated corpse'.

* providing information on climate change, climate literacy, and related issues to the general public, the press, and allied educational, scientific, and environmental organizations;

'Man-Made Global Warming is consensus science. The debate is over. The world must radically restructure its economy and governance according to our directions. All those who question our science or our authority to dictate policy are analogous to Holocaust deniers.'

'Any questions?'

* developing materials pertaining to climate change education for print and web;
* speaking to the press and general public

Photoshopping and data fabrication skills are a must.

* coordinating with policymakers, advocacy groups, educators, and scientists regarding policies which could harm or benefit accurate climate science education.

'Senator, cooperating with the global warming lobby could be significantly 'green' for you. Al Gore would be happy to discuss this with you at his $8.9 million Malibu ocean view villa, or at any one of his many other real estate holdings, if you wish.'

Candidates must have at least a college degree

b.s. preferred.

advanced degrees in climate science or climate science education are pluses

b.s., b.s., b.s..

A record of involvement in climate literacy efforts

The climate is proving quite recalcitrant to AGW predictions, and the NCSE believes that if the Earth's climate were more literate it would cooperate more.

and of addressing attacks on the scientific consensus about climate change, is also a plus.

Must be able to spell DENIER in all caps.

Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, are necessary

Sales experience preferred.

as are a high degree of computer literacy (including the use of social media)

E-mail skills not a plus.

This is a full-time permanent position with medical, dental, and retirement benefits

No psychiatric benefits?

in Oakland, California


to start as soon as possible. Telecommuting is not an option. Salary will be commensurate with skills and experience and comparable with similar positions in similarly sized non-profits in the Bay Area.

So the NCSE is seeking an available (not tied down to current employment), college-educated, history of advocacy for global warming alarmism, experience with press and with public speaking person with advanced social media skills...

Hmmm...Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

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