Friday, June 17, 2011

The Republican field

I missed the Republican debate a few days ago, but otherwise I've been following the jostling for the Republican nod fairly closely. My take:


Janus-faced slimebag. I like a lot of his positions, but when you describe Romney's positions, you need a date and time stamp on them. Pro-abortion, anti-abortion. Pro-fiscal restraint, big spender. For free choice and fiscal sanity in healthcare, creator of Romneycare.

He's a textbook 'I'll say whatever I need to say to get elected' politician. I'd vote for him if he were the Republican nominee, because I'd vote for a cantelope to deny Obama a second term. But if the cantelope were running in the primary against Romney, I'd vote for the cantelope.


Very impressive. Very smart. Genuine integrity. If she gets the nomination, the MSM will go after her in a way that will make the Palin blitzkrieg look like a high school prom. Bachmann is what libs fear the most: a very smart very brave very tough member of one of the tribes (a woman) that the Democrats need to keep on the plantation in order to maintain their grip on power. If you want to know what Democrats do to really good people who stray off Tara, ask Clarence Thomas. If Bachmann gets the nod, the attack will be demonic.


Brilliant man, highest integrity. I agree with 99% of what he says. No chance to win, but invaluable for the issues he brings to the table.


Best Mayor on Earth. (I'm a New Yorker). He has earned respect in spades, but too interventionalist in foreign policy and too liberal on social issues for me. But God bless you Rudy, for what you did on 9-11 and for what you did for New York.


Love her, respect her, and love what she makes liberals do. Quitting the Alaska governorship was a financial coup (and perhaps necessary, given all of the frivilous litigation) but a political mistake. We need a bit more gravitas, although I don't doubt for a minute her wisdom and decency. Sarah's role is as an organizer and motivator, not as a president. But I'll never take her poster off my wall.


Great record, really nice guy. Boring as hell. Good leadership requires more than intelligence, integrity, and experience, all of which Pawlenty has in spades. It requires showmanship, which passed him by. It's a shame.


Has my deep admiration for fumigating the House of the Democrats in 1994. Very smart man, with whom I have much agreement. But the global-warming tryst on the couch with Nancy Pelosi is a deal-breaker. "The expense of spirit in a waste of shame". Platonic AGW embrace with Nancy Pelosi is worse than a million Weiner twits.


In many ways Reaganesque. Very smart, very charismatic, great on the issues. Exactly the kind of man we need in public life. Can we elect to the Presidency a man who has never held public office? My suggestion: run for governor somewhere, and we'll talk in four years. One big problem, sir: if you ever get near the nomination, Dems will do to you what they did to Clarence Thomas and to Sarah Palin. My advice: say nothing about Coke cans, rent only family movies, and never never talk to Katie Couric. These bastards are ugly, and you have never seen hate until you see what they will do to you if you even get near the nomination. You'd be opposing a party whose enforcement arm for a century sent their sheets out for dry-cleaning.


Cyborg. Gives me the creeps.


Perhaps the best person not running. Excellent governor, great on the issues, sterling record. Even telegenic. A public comparison between Perry's job creation record and Obama's record would send Obama to the golf course full time beginning January 2013.

Should be interesting.

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