Thursday, June 30, 2011

That darned spam filter...

Just a note  to crusadeREX and anonymous: several comments on "Why don't atheists..." and "Same sex marriage: the problem is that it's not..." were flagged inappropriately in the spam filter. I've posted them.

Sorry about that. I'll check the filter more often.

Thanks for your comments!



  1. No worries Mike.
    There are worse things one could get stuck in a filter.
    LOL JK
    Thanks for rectifying the issue.

  2. I (finally) got it!

    It's a threesome: Egnorance, crusadeREX and anonymous.

    Sorry for my intrusion...

  3. Hey Pepe!
    Your always welcome, as far as I am concerned mate. Your comments and links are one of the reasons I follow this blog.
    I tried to respond to some of your comments earlier this week, but my posts kept vanishing. I have yet to be able to get my 'follow' icon to return."
    Three's a crowd, four's a party! More the merrier, Pepe!