Sunday, June 26, 2011

New York passes Gay Marriage Law: polygamists, necrophiliacs, pet owners hopeful.

[Dissociated press] The New York State legislature passed a bill Friday night legalizing gay marriage in the state. The landmark bill provides full legal recognition to unions between individuals of the same sex, equivalent to marriage of opposite-sex couples.

"Marriage is for all who love, regardless of stereotypes" proclaimed gay rights activists.

A group of Marriage Without Borders (MWB) activists joined the celebration. The president of MWB, funeral director Mort Love, said that the erosion of the traditional definition of marriage offered hope to many victims of stereotypes. "For centuries, necrophilia has been stigmatized. Why must both marriage partners be alive? Our society is awash in vivism and necrophobia. We are hopeful that we can overcome necrophobia and extend marriage rights to those who have always loved in silence."

Attending the rally as well were representatives of Give Onanists a Fair Shake (GOFS), an organization that has advocated same-same marriage since the 1960's. "We're the loneliest victims of 'homo'phobia", asserted one protestor.

Also attending the rally were a large group of activists from Utah, who denounced polyphobia. They had a variety of signs: "In the Mood for a Brood?", "Why Just Two in the Pew?" and "Nine is Fine".

The most famous activist at the Marriage Without Borders rally was internationally renowned philosopher and ethicist Peter Singer from Princeton University. Singer is author of the article Heavy Petting in which the world's leading ethicist defends some kinds of bestiality. Singer has argued that zoosexual relations are not necessarily abusive, and that cross-species relationships could form which were mutually enjoyed. Singer was accompanied by his nervous-appearing Yorkie Terrier named "Doggiestile"

"We need to expand our concept of love and drive away stereotypes", said Singer, smiling at his pet. "'Natural' relations doesn't necessarily mean same-species relations". "Speciesism is the most fundamental prejudice", Singer said, to the cheers of the MWB crowd.

Reporters asked Singer whether his anxious 8-pound pet was a male or a female.

"A female, of course", the famed ethicist insisted.

Asked about whether he supported marriage between pet owners and their same-sex pet, Singer seemed shocked.

"Not really. Marriage has to mean something. Zoophilia is beautiful, but same-sex zoophilia? That creeps me out, to be honest."


  1. This is absolute rubbish.

  2. Love the title of this post!

    In case you didn't know, in Canada recently, two professors of psychology - one Dr. Hubert Van Gijseghem from the University of Montreal - declared pedophilia as a "sexual orientation just like heterosexuality or homosexuality.".

    This was in response to new legislation being examined under which convicted pedophiles would receive tougher sentences, and further the protection of children.

    An article was posted in the Toronto Sun here:

    What a surprise huh?

    No matter how many times I've predicted this in the past, no one, even Christians, believed me.

    Now we can easily foresee the coming "pedo agenda" - they'll call it "normal", a mere "orientation" among the many, they'll make pedophiles the victims. They'll claim "rights" and make up new words to intimidate all opponents like "pedophobes". They may start Pedo Pride parades, hide your kids!

    Just as with Kirk & Madsen's "After the Ball", the marketing of this evil will be Hollywood style, worthy of Spielberg, to convince a public that has rejected the foundations of morality itself and thus can no longer judge between good and evil.

    Sad days ahead for the righteous.
    This is unavoidable because the "righteous" of the modern world are blind wimps and cowards and most will do nothing to stop the tides of evil.

  3. Oh and again in case you didn't know there is now a pedophilia political party, with court approval, in the Netherlands.

  4. Again Dostoevsky was right:

    If God does not exist, everything is permitted.

    Atheism is worst than cancer!

  5. I would appreciate Anonymous explaining his reasons for saying This is absolute rubbish.

    Unless he wants to be branded as a Troll...

  6. I am certainly not against gays practising 'monogamy', nor against some sort of official way to formalize that...but MARRIAGE? No way.
    It is NOT marriage. This is an extremely slippery slope. The above examples, while satirical, are prescient.
    It should be also noted that no one is saying gays cannot be married - to the OPPOSITE sex - save the gays themselves. It is they who have CHOSEN that life.
    I know...I know... Evolutionary Psychology says they are just another 'disorder' etc
    Not I.

  7. crusadeREX:

    Indeed. Evolutionary psychology isn't even psychology. It's just inane (but typical) Darwinian story telling hiding under a scientific sounding label.

  8. Apparently the so-called Lisbon Treaty legalizes pedophilia in EU.

    Oh, and coming to America soon. Unless good men stand up and fight. I fear quite literally fight.
    War will come of all this. I fear it's inevitable now.

  9. Anyone who cannot see the difference between paedohillia or necrophillia and adult gay men settling down to live their lives together is an amoral idiot.

    We see here what theism amounts to - these theists cannot tell the difference between right and wrong without some book and some imaginary man in the sky spelling out the rules for them, and they think no-one else can either.

  10. paulmurray said...

    "Anyone who cannot see the difference between paedohillia or necrophillia and adult gay men settling down to live their lives together is an amoral idiot."

    Wow. No one said there's no difference. Duh!
    Read again and get it right.

    But it gets worse:
    "We see here what theism amounts to - these theists cannot tell the difference between right and wrong without some book and some imaginary man in the sky spelling out the rules for them, and they think no-one else can either."

    Poor thinking to say the least, but not surprising coming from one that sees no wrong in perversions.

    Atheists have no foundations for morality whatsoever. You an atheist? Pretty obvious.

    Well then spell out where your moral rules come from if you can.

    Of course you can't. Oh you will no doubt point us to collective cultural values based on some illusory "need" to get along.
    Why should we get along? To survive? So why should we survive? Under atheism the universe and thus life has no meaning, no purpose and is destined to eternal oblivion.
    Wow, deep that. Great philosophy you have there.

    Will you claim as is so typical of atheists that there are no absolutes and all is relative? Are you absolutely sure?

    If all moral values are equal then pedos, necros and whatever else you may mention is neither right nor wrong. Nor is murder, rape or anything the Nazi's ever did.

    All of the above simply have different opinions on morality.
    Or, as atheist Dawkins hypocritically claims, there is no good or evil, no right or wrong and we are all dancing to our DNA - the rapist and murderer as much as the altruist.

    Atheists are thus logically obliged to be relativists. They have no other reasonable choice.
    But atheists are immune to logic and so often imagine they have some basis for values.

    Atheism, having "no ultimate foundations for ethics" [W. Provine], has indeed no foundation at all for ethics of any kind whatsoever.

    Therefore, just where do you get off complaining over the ethics of theists - who have just such a sure ultimate foundation - when your own is imaginary?! Yet you condemn them?!

    Amazing how atheists cannot see anything at all, running around screaming, "I see no evidence for God", while opaque blinders, that you yourselves have put on willfully, impede your sight completely.

    If you think "gay" is ok, you need help bad.

    It's abnormal behavior to say the very least.

    Used to be illegal too. Too bad so many other blind followers of the blind swallowed the "After the Ball" propaganda and marketing plan and got suckered into accepting the gay agenda's sickening lies to seduce the world into believing they are anything but sick and lost.

    The "pedo agenda" is now up and will be followed by even worse.

    Can "gays" reproduce amongst themselves? No. Therefore the abnormal nature of the practice is salient.

    Imaginary man in the sky? Are you like 10 years old or what? Learn some genuine theology for pete's sake!

    Your own truly imaginary ethic (based on values borrowed from religion whether you like it or not) is truly not only groundless but pathetic.

  11. C'mon Doc, if you're going to make up your own news stories, at least make an attempt at a realistic appearance. I mean, "Mort Love"? Seriously? Is this the best strawman you could come up with? "Oh Noes!! Gay marriage = pedo-necro-beastiallity!!"

  12. paulmurray wrote:
    We see here what theism amounts to - these theists cannot tell the difference between right and wrong without some book and some imaginary man in the sky spelling out the rules for them, and they think no-one else can either.
    I think you have mistaken us for a cargo cult, Paul.
    I, for one, do not worship aircraft or the sky. Like most Atheists, metaphor and analogy seem to escape you.
    As for objective morality vs subjective morality: What is it to you? You're an atheist aren't you? Unless you buy into the Cult of Humanism, what the hell are you on about morality for? It does not exist, remember?
    IF you are into this Humanism nonsense, you're about 66 years too late. Your biggest advocate shot himself in Berlin, 30.4.1945.

  13. Hey Paul,

    Free will: does it exist? If yes, how? If no, then on what basis do you hurl your (obvious) moral condemnation of theists (who would thereby be no more responsible for their actions than the wind is responsible for blowing or a roulette wheel for landing on black).