Monday, June 27, 2011

Masaccio. The Trinity 1425-28.


  1. Gorgeous!
    Whenever I see these beautiful iconic works, it often makes me think on the whole 'fear of death' issue that is used as an 'macho'/emotive style argument (insult?) against Theism in general and the Faith in particular.
    Like the skeleton on an old cuckoo clock, these works remind us of our physical mortality (not the skeleton at the bottom) and of the accountability of the soul.
    A few moments of reflection on this and it becomes very clear who is really terrified of death - not the faithful. Rather, it is those who will pay ANY price (Faustian?) to expand and enhance their OWN lifespan.
    Our lot as believers is to face finality and death every day, and to reconcile our lives with what we think that judgement will be - to make our lives WORTH something, GOOD, and MEANINGFUL.
    I am not even speaking on the reality of the afterlife here, just the effects of considering that reality.
    Such works speak VOLUMES to me.
    Thanks, Mike!

  2. Note* the skeleton at the bottom**
    (maybe my fingers are just too damn BIG for this thing - I guess I need to 'evolve' :P)