Saturday, May 19, 2012

Clueless. Idiot. Liberal. Hypocrite.

This is almost hard to believe. I laughed so hard I hurt myself.

She is an archetype of our cultural elite-- a marginally sentient lefty snob with a media sinecure based solely on her conformity to ideology. She plainly couldn't reason her way out of a paper bag.

Angelo Codevilla understands it, and explains it beautifully.


  1. The video link is broken, so there is no way to figure out what's going on with the laugh riot.

    I'll say though that Codevilla is a hilarious nutter. He has this silly notion about the country's "ruling class," which includes both Democrats and Republicans. He complains about "college towns’ privileged residents," those educated elitists, even though he is himself part of the academic elite, being professor emeritus at Boston University and a Madison Fellow at Princeton. But I like his idea of putting all the right-wing nutters into "Country Party." That would split the Republican vote as Ross Perot did for Bill Clinton.

    1. The video link worked fine when I just tried it a moment ago. It's worth seeing, if you can.