Thursday, May 10, 2012

Unabomber: 'Don't you dare classify me with those environmentalist butchers!'

Kaczinsky: 'I'm a putz compared to
 the Sierra Club, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Population Council, etc'

(Dissociated Press) Convicted unabomber Ted Kaczynski complained today to the Heartland Institute about the libertarian organization's billboard campaign that links the environmentalist serial killer to global warming alarmism.

From Kaczynski's press release:

'I take strong exception to being linked to radical greenie organizations who peddle global warming alarmism and a whole host of anti-human ideologies, such as the Sierra Club, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Population Council. 
I may be a serial killer, but I've never perpetrated crimes against humanity. 
I never banned DDT and then stood by congratulating myself while malaria resumed killing a million people each year (40 million people to date and counting) in developing countries. I never advocated programs that sterilized millions of people against their will and or programs that led to tens of millions of forced abortions or programs that caused the selective abortion, infanticide and abandonment of tens of millions of infant girls-- a modern female genocide. I've never used fake climate science scares to try to shut down world economic development and consign billions of people in developing countries to poverty and starvation in order to peddle a socialist hoax designed to enrich a small group of scientists, ideologues, and speculators.
I may be a killer, but don't lump me in with these bastards.' 

Kaczynski provided a comparison between his killing and killing facilitated by mainstream environmental organizations:

Ted Kaczynski: 

Killed-- 3 people, injured/maimed-- 23 people. 

Mainstream Environmental Organizations (Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, Population Council): 

Killed-- at least 40 million malaria victims (mostly impoverished women and children) since 1972, who were deprived by environmentalists of the most effective pesticide (DDT) against mosquitos that spread malaria.
Killed-- tens of millions of newborn girls in the womb by sex-selective abortion in China, India. 
Killed-- tens of millions of newborn girls murdered after birth in China, India. 
Killed-- countless thousands killed by botched involuntary sterilizations in China, India, and Peru.  
Maimed-- tens of millions of women subjected to forced abortions/sterilizations under One-Child Policy in China 
Abandoned-- millions of baby girls discarded in male-preference societies in which births are limited by law in China, India.

The Heartland Institute apologized to Mr. Kaczynski, stating that it never meant to compare the serial killer to the mainstream environmental movement. 'We know that Mr. Kaczynski has never advocated letting tens of millions of people die of malaria just to establish his environmentalist bona fides and advance his lucrative non-profit and he never collaborated with crimes against humanity by hawking forced abortions, sterilizations, and infanticide in China and India. We know the difference between Mr. Kaczynski and the mainstream environmentalist movement-- we know the difference between murder and genocide', officials at the Heartland Institute said.

The Institute also pointed out that Mr. Kaczynski, unlike global warming alarmists, has never peddled junk science in an effort to gain personal power and enrichment. He has never committed scientific fraud nor has he rigged peer review nor admitted to manipulating data to hide temperature decline nor fraudulently made historical warming periods disappear nor violated Freedom of Information Act laws.

The Institute pointed out that it didn't mean to insult Mr. Kaczynski, and acknowledged that comparing Kaczynski to mainstream environmental organizations was 'way over the top'.

Kaczynsky has retained counsel, and has indicated that he may sue for defamation.  


  1. Michael,

    You're crazy. Your sense of humor doesn't even get to being 'juvenile'. It's more 'infantile'

    DDT wasn't banned as a malaria control. Developing countries discontinued their malaria control programs prematurely, and continued to use DDT in vastly greater amounts in agriculture, refuting your claim that it was banned.

    AGW is happening, despite your refusal to look at the science. We know how greenhouse gases cause warming by retaining heat. It's simple and basic physics.

    Even a neurosurgeon should be able to understand such simple science. Understanding how the global temperature graphs are generated, relying on advanced statistics and computer programs, might be beyond your simple mind, but they're just the commentary on top of the basic science.

    Claims of funding rorting is just nonsense. $79 billion over 20 years isn't much. Climate science will get funded regardless; it's interesting. The Large Hadron Collider got funded and is still being funded on a massive scale, and it is extremely unlikely to produce results of practical benefit.

    To put $79 billion into perspective, the global subsidy for oil and gasoline runs to $450 billion per year.

    One of your links keeps referring to James Hansen as 'James Hanson' showing how silly the denialists are.

    The MWP wasn't deleted. It was originally guessed on the basis of written records, without reference to any temperature proxies, just for central England. Later reconstructions, using various temperature proxies, have attempted to give a more global perspective. The MWP didn't disappear. It just became more realistic.

  2. Sounded like bach.

    1. Yea! Definitely sounded like bach. Great to have him back!

    2. Michael,

      If you think I'm 'back', why don't you write something sensible for a change, instead of your ignorant and juvenile blatherings.

    3. ...AGW is happening...

      One thing is for sure, this hoax is killing people:

      The Global Warming Hoax is Now Killing People!

    4. bach as not responded because he has been discovered!

  3. Wow, China and India are under the sway of Mainstream Environmental Organizations! How long exactly have the Sierra Club and its allied organizations been controlling the governments and attitudes of billions of people? In 2008 a survey by Pew reported 76% of the Chinese population supports the one-child policy; that’s about one billion people right there!

    I find it amusing that Dr. Egnor feels he needs to put words in the Unabomber’s mouth to make even him agree with the Doctor. I imagine Egnor is trying to avoid the tiny remnant of rational thought that suggests on some issues the Unabomber is more rational than the Doctor.


  4. Dressing up like a grease painted clown again Egnor?

  5. Dr. Egnor, please, please, please keep making that pro-DDT argument, I’m sure it will be a big winner for Republicans.