Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"For Greater Glory"

Commentor Joey directs us to a superb new movie. For Greater Glory is the story of the Cristeros war in Mexico from 1926 to 1929. It was a counter-revolution by Catholics to resist the brutal anti-Catholic repression and the attempt to secularize the country by the atheist Mexican government. The government repression included the torture and murder of priests and enforcement of laws that criminalized Catholic worship and criminalized public expression and actions based on Catholic beliefs and morals.

The movie should be in theaters in the U.S. on June 1st. Here's the trailer:

The movie is a must-see, and is particularly timely, given the milder, but similarly motivated, efforts today to drive the Catholic Church out of our civic life


  1. The persecution is different in degree but not in kind.

    Now watch as they lose their minds.

    They're allowed to draw comparisons between modern Christians and the Nazi party, the Taliban, the Spanish Inquisition, and the KKK, but we can't draw comparisons between the current climate of hate and fear in this country (directed primarily against me, a Catholic and a Christian) and the Mexican government of the 1920's.

    I will definitely see this movie. Can't wait till Friday.

    If you don't think there's a rabid anti-Christian portion of the population, just read that comments section of this blog.


  2. I'll be there on opening day.

    Great trailer. I checked out the website. If you can't see historical parallels between then and now, you're blind.

    Willfully blind, probably.

    From the website:

    "The Cristero War (also known as the Cristiada) of 1926 to 1929 was an uprising and counterrevolution against the Mexican government in power at the time.

    The rebellion was set off by the vicious persecution of Roman Catholics and strict enforcement of anti-religious provisions in the Mexican Constitution. During this time Mexican forces, with support from the Mexican government, sought to eradicate 'superstition' and 'fanaticism' in the country by desecrating religious objects, persecuting clergy, and writing anti-clerical laws."

    We're gettin' there. Give it time. If you want a glimpse at our anti-Christian future, look at Britian or Canada. They're twenty years ahead of us in persecuting Christians.

    Little John

    1. "Give it time. If you want a glimpse at our anti-Christian future, look at Britian or Canada. They're twenty years ahead of us in persecuting Christians. "

      You strain your credibility with this Christian Canadian when you make comments like that, Little John. Maybe you're just buying into the US MSM hype.

      We, Christians in Canada, are a vibrant and very influential majority in this country.
      We face many challenges, just as the USA does.
      But, our churches are full. The bells ring for mass/services all day, everyday here. The nearby missions are well visited. There are routes and places of pilgrimage. Children are Christened and couples are wed. I can walk in any direction and within 5 minutes reach a Church (old, stone) that I may take the Eucharist at, and I don't even live in a major city.
      The Christian voice is one of the oldest and is without doubt the loudest in this land.
      It may have a different accent than your own variety, but that is what makes our faith so great. It speaks so well to so many. Here, at least, our faith is enshrined in the Charter and in Office of the Crown itself.
      Don't write Canada off so quickly, Little John. If you do so, you're just buying into the lefty agprop while ignoring literally millions of your Christian brothers and sisters who are ACTIVELY standing up for their faith and traditions.

      I understand the need to rally the troops, and I understand your concerns about the future. I also see what you mean about the UK. I actually from the UK (born and raised a good while), and frequently visit my immediate family there.
      But we - in Canada - are nothing like the EU, and would never willingly join such a superstate. We are, by VAST majority, very much against the NAU, for example.
      In fact we seem to be more AWARE of these types of globalist issues which are still considered 'fringe' or 'conspiracy theory' in the USA, akin to 'truther' or 'NWO' 'crazy' stuff.
      So maybe we're ten years BEHIND?

    2. crusadeRex,

      Are you trying to tell me that the so-called Human Rights Tribunals aren't persecuting Christians for merely disagreeing with homosexuality? For distributing literature, for example? That they aren't trying to legislate a prohibition against all schools--public, private, religious, and home schools--from teaching that homosexuality is wrong?

      You strain your credibility.

      This isn't a "My country is better than yours" argument. In this regard, we're barely better at all. In time, we will catch up. But you don't need to defend the indefensible. Christianity is under attack in Canada.

      Little John

    3. Every positive thing Crusader said for the church in Canada is also true in the States.


    4. Little John,

      "Are you trying to tell me that the so-called Human Rights Tribunals aren't persecuting Christians for merely disagreeing with homosexuality?"
      Although I disagree with the nature of the tribunals and back every legal effort to see them eliminated - I could not agree that they are "persecuting Christians for merely disagreeing with homosexuality". That may be the effect in some cases, but it is not the pretext.
      They are, according to their mandate, examining cases of 'discrimination' and 'abuse' where people claim to have been ill treated due to their race, religion, sexuality etc.
      I have no doubt they are abused, and hence my opposition to them. I see them as an affront to common law and due process - not religion specifically.
      The truth is Canadians are free to feel what they like and express those feelings. They always have been.
      I am a Canadian, I am a Christian and I disagree with homosexuality and Gay Marriage. I am not labelled a homophobe or bigot for my stance. No HRC tribunal knocking at my door. No problems here.

      "For distributing literature, for example?"
      Ah well, you have hit a cultural/historical sore spot with that. Pamphlets and fanatics go hand in hand, in the Canadian experience.
      I am quite happy with the pamphlet rules.
      Hate literature has no place in the Canadian public square.
      Even if it pretends to be 'Christian', 'political' or 'scientific'....

      "That they aren't trying to legislate a prohibition against all schools--public, private, religious, and home schools--from teaching that homosexuality is wrong?"
      Who are 'they'? The Schools are run by local districts controlled by the Provinces, John.
      Maybe you mean the nonsense here in Ontario?
      Our Premier, Mr McGuinty has decided to push through (via Liberal majority) a bill that makes it illegal to ban pro gay ( apparently anti'homophobic'/bullying) groups from organizing. This does not mean that an Anglican, military, or Catholic school cannot teach about virtues or sins. It means they have to allow homosexual students to form associations and clubs that are sanctioned by the province. I see it as an over-reaction to an issue that is just not as pressing as many others.

    5. CNTD

      "You strain your credibility"
      As a Christian, or as a Canadian? Maybe you mean as a commenter on this blog?
      If it is only the latter, then I can see how I managed that. The very fact that KW is not attacking me in this post gives me pause.

      Allow me to reiterate or clarify my original point with regards to your own 'credibility' here.
      When you assert we, in Canada, are some sort of future example of what could be and then project that Christians are oppressed in my own country - you lose me.
      I mean no personal offence and should clarify the credibility I question is not your personal credibility.
      I simply mean I cannot believe that portion of your post. I feel you have been misled by the patriotic humours of 'talk radio' or some Alex Jones (or Michael Moore) style characterization of my home and peoples.
      I agree with much of what you said, and see where you are going with it... but I cannot agree with what I know to be false, nor can I see a threat in what I see as preferable (ie transforming to Canada).
      The USA will end up like Canada?
      What a threat!
      Reverse it and you'll get my meaning.
      There are worse fates than ending up like your wealthy, free, and influential neighbours.
      The worse fate is that we will - BOTH nations - end up unrecognisable.

      "This isn't a "My country is better than yours" argument. In this regard, we're barely better at all. "
      It isn't that type of argument, but your is (barely) better? Come on, Little John. We can agree to disagree on this. I love my country, you love yours. That is well and good, all around.

      "In time, we will catch up."
      To catch up, you'd have to stop, reverse, and hit the exit ramp.

      "But you don't need to defend the indefensible. "
      I defend only the relevance and importance of my faith in my country. My faith in the land in which I live and serve. I defend only the reality in which I reside.
      I defend the tenacity of the Christians of this great Dominion.

      "Christianity is under attack in Canada."
      Christianity and religious faith in general is under attack all the world over.
      Christianity has been under a constant assault since day one.
      Consider the fate of our Lord and that of the generations of martyrs. Consider the life a Christian in the near east, Asia, or even the ex Soviet bloc. It's a safe bet Montreal is less oppressive than Medina, Toronto is a seminary in comparison to Beijing.
      Canada is a Christian bastion of tolerance when it comes to religion and culture in general.

      Don't give up on us so easy, Little John.
      We're here for the long haul. We're just about the best and toughest friends you have, and the same is true of our situation.

  3. Yes, Joey. I'm a big "whiner". I voice my complaints when I'm supposed to meekly accept whatever treatment they dish out.

    I'm supposed to accept that the words "Separation of Church and State" mean that senior citizens can't say grace before a meal purchased with a federal grant, but the federal government can force the Catholic Church to buy abortifacents for law students. That kind of "separation".

    I'm supposed to accept that the "Separation" was intended by the Founding Fathers, they just forgot to write it. I'm supposed to refer instead to someone who had nothing to do with writing the Constitution--Jefferson--and a letter he wrote to the Danbury Baptists. I'm supposed to ignore the fact that it became part of case law when a former KKK member name Hugo Black lifted it from a Klan oath. I'm supposed to ignore the fact that this former KKK member joined the Klan after defending another klansman who shot and killed a Catholic priest.

    I just never stop "whining", do I?


    1. You're also supposed to accept that Jefferson was a deist, a non-religious figure, despite the fact that it was he who wrote that we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights.

      Try teaching that in a public school today and see how long you keep your job.

      Even the president subtracts that words "by our creator" when making speeches. We're endowed with certain inalienable rights, but not by anyone in particular.

      Obama is a Godphobe like so many of his followers.


    2. I'm supposed to accept that the words "Separation of Church and State" mean that senior citizens can't say grace before a meal purchased with a federal grant

      Yet another hysterical lie Trish? You're pretty good at those.

    3. You know what you're good at, KW? Coming into a thread, calling someone a liar, then offering no evidence that the person is lying.

      Here's an article about a senior center in North Georgia at which grace was banned because the food was purchased with a grant. Separation of church and state you know. It says it right there in the Constitution. Oh wait, no it doesn't. Actually, it does say something about free exercise, though.


      You're the liar.


    4. I’m not sure why you're calling me a liar. If you don’t see a –KW, it’s not me.


  4. JQ,

    You forgot--we're just like the Taliban.


  5. "the only reason that Christians think so is because they're inbred, intolerant, stupid, child-molesting, fascistic, hypocritical, anti-science, anti-reason, and superstitious."

    Good to see you finally admitting the obvious.

  6. I love the way you guys call yourselves Nazis and Taliban and then blame it on someone else.


    1. Nazis and the Taliban are the two most common reference points.

      See "American Fascists" by Chris Hedges and "American Taliban" by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga.

      Also, every unimaginative commenter on every blog on the web.


    2. TRISH,

      KW is living proof of anti-Christian bigotry. Every time he opens his mouth, he proves our thesis. He should keep talking and keep proving you right.


  7. Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. Luke 23.34

  8. How many Christians here would support making the Ten Commandments the law of the land?


  9. Dr Egnor,
    I am not sure that I mentioned this before, but there is an awesome shrine (known as Cristo Rey) in the State of Guanajuato that I once visited. I wonder if any of you have been? If not, and you get the chance: Do it!

    I spent some time in those parts of Mexico a few years ago and came across this place quite by accident, while studying a much earlier period.
    I was staying in the picturesque little city of Guanajuato (capital), and this shrine was visible from the road into town. On a day with some free time I decided to head up and take some photos and look around.

    I have to say it is one of the most peaceful and contemplative places I have ever visited. It is built in a really unique style. Rather modern really.
    If you're a Christian, interested in history or architecture, or just enjoy breath taking views and scenery it is a must see if in that area.

    There is a wonderful little shop there with all sorts of histories in in various languages. I bought a little book on the history of the valley, in it was detailed the local contribution to the Cristeros struggle against Calles Regime.

    It was there I was introduced to the Cristeros, and what they stood for. Later I would see memorials to the victims at museums, churches and even cathedrals all across northern and central Mexico.

    anyway...really cool shrine/monument: