Saturday, June 22, 2013

Popular tourist destinations before and after global warming

Popular Science website has a wonderful graphic showing famous tourist destinations-- the Jefferson Memorial, Boston Harbor, the Statue of Liberty before and after inundation by twenty five feet of rising sea levels caused by global warming. It's impressive.

Please take a look at the link.

Here's a picture of the U.S. Capitol, before and after global warming hysteria.

Before global warming hysteria:

After global warming hysteria:

The Capitol is now inundated by twenty five feet of global warming bullshit.


  1. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyJune 22, 2013 at 10:01 AM

    To illustrate the blistering imbecility of stuff like the PopSci .gif spread, one need only visit a similarly oriented site, The Happy Planet Index. They cackalate a "happiness index" for 151 countries using life expectancy, "experienced well-being", and "ecological footprint".

    Using their cacklations, Sudan turns out to be a happier place than the US, Belgium, or Denmark. As do Costa Rica, Vietnam, Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, Honduras, Mexico and Pakistan, all of which are in the top twenty Happy Planet locales. Are your feet doing the Penguin Beat?

    At risk of being labeled a contrarian, I humbly suggest the Happy Planet gnomes substitute the proportion of the native populations of all those countries who show up as illegal immigrants in other countries. Using models run on the mighty Glenbeckistan Massively Parallel Solar Powered Quantized Difference Engine, I predict the rankings would change.

    But hey, let's not stop there...

    The PopSci .gifs were done by Nickolay Lamm, who is - according to PopSci - a "24-year old researcher and artist". Here's Mr Lamm's take on what humans will look like in 100,000 years. Inquiring minds want to know... will these future humans be able to see underwater? But it's science, man. It's Research, 'cause he's a "researcher". Which means he talked to a guy and did the cackalations on a computer.

    Back to the point - the only problem I see with Egnor's reasoning is the bullshit in his picture isn't nearly deep enough.

    Ahhhh, PopSci. How the mighty have fallen.

    1. Georgie,

      It's interesting in an absurd sort of way. Putting a subjective measure such as 'experienced well-being' in the denominator.

      It's a matter of personal knowledge.

      If you live in the Sudan and don't know that there are others who have it much better than they, then you're more likely to content and happy with your life.

      If you live in America, with ready access to the mass media, and their publicity given not just to the rich, but to the obscenely rich (does anyone really need $100 million a year? - in cash, I probably get $80,000 a year, and I consider myself to be extremely well off, and I am too. In Australia, there are people who regard a yearly income of $250,000 as modest and that someone with that income is 'battling'), then you tend to compare your situation to the very rich, and feel discontented and unhappy.

      Even though compared to most of the world an average American is very rich.

  2. Oh no, Egnor has discovered paint! His first picture: poop.

    1. But it is Darwinist poop! It will evolve and one day will teach in a Dem-University how we all came from poop.

      Isn't science great?

    2. [Oh no, Egnor has discovered paint! His first picture: poop.]

      Not poop!-- global warming science.