Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This is hard to watch...

Video: Court marshal allegedly sexually assaults woman — then has her arrested for objecting

Of course all of the evidence isn't on the tape, but I believe the woman. The behavior of the court marshals was arrogant and suspicious-- why would they arrest her for making the accusation? It seemed like sexual assault, under color of law, followed by crude intimidation to make her shut up. All of this in front of her little daughter, while the judge/arbitrator sat and did nothing.

We need to keep an eye on government. There are many good honest people serving in government, but there are really bad people too, and we need to keep an eye on them, rather than the other way around. 


  1. The reporter's comment "it's not just one single case" all too true. I suggest that each of you bookmark and check it every day or two.

    Also bookmark A Police Misconduct Victim’s Guide.

    Finally, find 38 minutes soon to watch the informative video 10 Rules for Dealing with Police.

  2. This reminds me of the (now) several stories I have read/seen where the police arrest someone for resisting arrest and then dream up an actual charge after the event.
    One of the most recent and ridiculous being a 'dehumanizing stare'.
    Don't take me wrong here. I am in no way 'anti police' and know many good peace officers.... but, there is something of a trend to this kind of stuff.