Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cecil, Cecile, and America's apex predator

Kevin Williamson on the Left's outrage over the killing of Cecil the lion and its complicity in the killing of millions of babies:
Cecil the lion gave the Left a great gift: The death of the African apex predator at the hands of Dr. Walter Palmer, an American dentist, has driven the North American apex predator — Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood — off the front page for a moment. Not all harvesting is equal in the eyes of the American chattering class.
The Left freaks out about killing a lion or a baby seal or a delta smelt. But killing 60 million babies and selling their organs--it's a right, don't you know, guaranteed in the Constitution, somewhere.

Depravity, undistilled.

Fight the Left, everywhere and without ceasing. Its depravity knows no limit. 

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