Monday, August 31, 2015

Black Lives Matter and the new Kristallnacht

William, commenting on my previous post:
Blaming Obama is just nut job crazy. Why was it necessary for a white cop to shoot an unarmed black man several times in the back for having a busted tail light? Why was it necessary for the cop to drop his tazer by the body? Why was it necessary for him not to administer first aid and lie about it? Why was it necessary for the other cops on the scene (one of who was black) to also lie about administering first aid? Why did none of this come forward until after the video surfaced? Why was the cop not charged until the video surfaced.
Are you still arguing that his death was justified? If so, I would really love to hear how you rationalize it. I am all ears.
My goodness, William. It's laudable that you have discovered, after a presumably long life, that there are injustices in the world--that there are incidents in which police do the wrong thing. It's a hard thing to grow up, isn't it?

The issue here isn't police misconduct. There has always been police misconduct, and always will be. There has always been misconduct in every segment of society--butchers and bakers and housewives and cops.

We should do our best to prevent and punish misconduct. Heck, I'm the one who is in favor of enforcing laws, William, not you.

The issue here is not about justice or enforcing laws or protecting minorities. The issue here is about the cynical and malevolent use of media and mass violence to manipulate politics.

The issue here can be illustrated nicely by this analogy. Let us imagine that a bunch of elites suddenly decided to educate the public about financial crimes. To do so, they selected a certain subset of financial crime--financial crimes committed by Jews. Day after day, month after month, year after year we were treated to newscasts and opinion pieces and headlines and politicians lamenting the horrible toll financial crimes committed by Jews was taking on innocent victims. Videos of Jewish businessmen cheating and stealing from innocent non-Jews were each night on the nightly news. Riots in non-Jewish neighborhoods broke out, with rioters chanting "Non-Jewish Lives Matter".

Jews going to work were suddenly being gunned down, execution-style. Disgruntled non-Jewish journalists inspired by reports of Jewish malfeasance were sneaking up on Jewish reporters and cameramen and shooting them in cold blood.

Now of course, defenders of the Non-Jewish Lives Matter movement would say: "Hey--each and every one of these crimes committed by Jews against non-Jews is real! Jewish crime matters! There really are Jews who embezzle and steal and cheat! What are you--bigoted against non-Jews? Why do you deny their suffering?"

Now of course this isn't merely a parable. Pretty much this thing happened in Germany in the 1930's. Ordinary crimes committed by Jews were hyped, and awareness of the enormously more common crimes committed by non-Jews was suppressed. Even though specific examples cited by Nazis of Jewish corruption were sometimes real in some (limited) sense (crimes are committed by people of all faiths), the purpose and effect of the selective outrage was manifestly evil--it was a program of manipulation of public opinion in service of hate and will to power.

Cops abuse their authority, on some (rare) occasions. But the Black Lives Matter movement has nothing to do with that. The BLM movement is a political movement that uses racial hate and fear to gain power. It selects rare (very rare) examples of police action that can be labeled by some as misconduct and uses these (frequently bogus) anecdotes to gin up racial hate and violence. It is obviously supported (and likely organized) in the White House and in several of the lower recesses of the Democrat party.

It is the moral equivalent of lynch mobs inspired (by Democrats) in the early 20th century to 'protect the honor of white women' allegedly (and occasionally actually) raped by black men.

The first thing an historically informed person watching the Ferguson riots should think is not 'social justice' but 'lynch mob'.

The fact is that all lives matter. The truth matters, too. Nearly all crimes committed against black Americans are committed by other black Americans, and by Democrat libtard tools who govern and destroy black communities and who are working hand-in-hand with the new radicals in power to fundamentally transform America, and to to bring about a new and more lasting Kristallnacht.

The Black Lives Matter movement, obviously orchestrated by the White House, is a race-baiting get-out-the-vote ploy to gain political power by inciting mobs to violence.

Tools like you, William, are part of their armamentarium.


  1. Do you ever read what you write? You are trying to draw a parallel between the NAZIs (authority of the day) playing on Christian hatred of Jews to justify further persecution and violence against Jews, and the BLM group who are protesting against government (authority) who they accuse of Enabling the persecution and violence against blacks. Did you ever stop to think that if there was an active and very vocal Jewish Lives Matter faction prior to the war that maybe the world would have taken notice and taken action earlier?

    Yes, the riots that have resulted from these not rare enough events are inexcusable, but when a black kid hears that Rodney King was injured while resisting arrest, and that Walter Scott was killed in self defence, and that Eric Garner was accidentally killed while resisting arrest, you expect him to believe the official police reports. And when videos surface that show that not only were they assaulted and, in some cases, killed without sufficient provocation, but that their actions were covered up by other police, you expect him to ignore these and accept official police reports in the future.

    I agree, the vast majority of cops are doing the best job they possibly can, but pretending that there is not a serious problem is just the height of ignorance.

    1. William:

      Tell me the names of the black men killed in Chicago and Baltimore by other black men during this past month. You know Michael Brown's name. What were theirs names?

      You don't care about black lives, William. You care about making political hay out of the smallest segment of black killings--killings by cops.

      When you can name the blacks killed by other blacks--who outnumber the blacks killed by police by orders of magnitude--then I'll think that you might believe that black lives matter.

      As it is, for you only politics matter. Scumbag.

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    3. Again, you are talking about two different things. Yes, there is way too much black on black violence, as there is too much white on white violence, brown on brown violence, black on white violence, white on black violence, etc. etc. Nobody is arguing this. But you fail to grasp the fundamental difference here. None of these acts of violence are being carried out by people who are paid to protect us from violence.

      In Canada we have similar issues of police abuse of authority. They are rare but they are still completely unacceptable. As the police on black violence in the US is. How often have you been pulled over by police because you are driving an expensive car? Probably as many times as I have; zero. Unfortunately it is a fact of life for many black people.

      But I notice that you didn't try to defend your lame parallel between BLM and Kristallnacht.

  2. bach:

    I'll ask you: what are the names of the blacks killed in Baltimore over the past month? How many were killed?

    Until you answer that, or at least ask that (the answer may be hard to find), I'll take your concern for black lives to be just a joke.


    1. Anonymous (or does the 'ME' mean you're actually 'Michael Egnor'?),

      I don't know how many 'blacks' were killed in Baltimore over the past month. It's irrelevant. The important point is the number killed or mistreated unlawfully by the police. The police are supposed to be protecting the community they're serving, and that includes apprehending offenders acting unlawfully, both within and outside the police force.

      Non-police individuals commit crimes. It should be unacceptable for any member of the police to be doing the same.

    2. bachshit:

      "It's irrelevant". Indeed it is, to you. Because the political hay that you get out of it is all that is relevant, so who cares how many black people are actually murdered?

      What a fine precis of libtard racism. Blacks only matter when you can use their deaths to score poltical points. Democrats never change.


  3. "No one has killed more blacks than liberals. Your batshit policies have been the worst thing to happen to blacks in a century."

    Not my policies. I live in Canada. By all measures a far more liberal society than yours. Yet we don't have near as many incidents (per capita) of ratially motivated abuse of police powers as you do in the US.

    You keep making claims about the evils of liberalism that don't stand up to the light of day. But you are welcome to your own personal bigotries. But please keep them south of the border.

  4. ME,

    I'm Australian. I don't buy into this Republican/Democrat dichotomy. From a non-American perspective, the Democratic Party isn't actually a liberal party. It's liberal only in comparison to the dinosaurs of the Republicans.

  5. The furthest left Candidate in Canada is right wing by comparison to American politics....and has been criticized for as much both by the local pinkos and the US left.
    Anyone living and working here KNOWS that.
    These clowns are just shills, Doctor. Somebody is wasting their money. Probably in Beijing, as their money is literally printed to waste.
    Look at the diction and spelling of our newest 'Canadian'.
    A close look.
    You're probably closer to us up here than he is, Doc.
    You want a gauge of Canadian opinion?
    You have an Ontarian soldier and a Quebecois intellectual here all the time. All you need is a Newfie, a flatlander, and a lotus eater. The first two would probably agree with the residents (incl myself) and the the last would be incoherent anyway (think LA or SF chattering class).
    How does this guy's imitation of planet Toronto jive with any that?
    It doesn't, does it.

  6. William,

    Are you taking the position that illegal immigration is not a real problem and that BLM is not essentially a political weapon of the left?

  7. Chris, Illegal immigration (of the Mexican variety) only exists because you have US citizens who hire them at less than minimum wage. Solve that problem and you solve the immigration problem. But that will never happen because these fine upstanding citizens make too much money on the backs of the illegal immigrants. I wonder how many illegal immigrants Trump has working for him.

    With regard to illegal immigrants from Canada, I haven't heard that this is a problem. Our biggest problem until Obama upgraded your medical system was US citizens coming to Canada for medical treatment at our expense.

    I love these conspiracy theorists. The amazing thing is that they don't even see the stupidity of their claims. For a conspiracy to work, the people involved must be extremely intelligent and secretive. Yet you claim that these leftists pinkos responsible for these conspiracies are stupid.