Thursday, August 20, 2015

Folks are beginning to figure this out

"Mr. Obama has a more important reason for doing her in... he needs a successor he can control."

If Mr. Obama does not want an investigation to go forward, it does not go forward. Witness the scandals involving the Internal Revenue Service, Benghazi, Veterans Administration and Operation Fast and Furious gunrunning. In each case, Mr. Obama claimed he learned about the scandal “from the news.” (That’s interesting coming from a guy who claims he only rarely watches or reads said “news.”) 
He then expressed his “outrage” and vowed to “get to the bottom” of each scandal. (Of course, it’s tough to “get to the bottom” of something when you are the bottom of it.)
In those cases, he protesteth too much. His faux outrage was a “tell” that he had no intention of investigating. In Mrs. Clinton’s case, he’s been quiet. Too quiet. That’s a “tell” that he wants this investigation pursued, likely to the point of charging her. 
He has others talking, however. Each week, there are damaging new leaks about her personal email and server: that despite her denials, she did, in fact, have top-secret and other highly classified materials on the server, that the FBI is conducting a criminal probe and the bureau is “optimistic” it can retrieve the wiped data, that she may have had a second server, that her top aides — Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan — are now also in investigators’ sights. 
Mr. Obama is a clever dark knight: he’s not just going after the queen. He’s going after her court, too.
It's obvious--Obama is a ruthless leftist Democrat (I repeat myself), and he uses the Justice Department, the FBI and the IRS as tools of his politics. Those folks don't take a sh*t without asking permission from the White House.

Obama is in the process of destroying the Democrat heir to his presidency. The reason is obvious--he wants to control the Democrat party, and he needs the Clintons destroyed. Destroyed, not retired.

If the Clintons try to "retire", they'll end up with (figurative) axes through their heads, like Trotsky.

Obama is taking the Clinton machine apart piece by slimy piece, and he's going to annihilate it. We're talking prison for the capos.

This is the real Left, and Obama is real Left. Everywhere the Left has taken power, this is what they do.

They destroy their own first, to consolidate power within their own Party.

My only question is this: why would Hillary be so stupid? Why would she make it so easy for Obama to destroy her? Perhaps her greed blinded her, or perhaps she has something on Obama that she can use in retaliation.

But she's toast. She's not going the be the nominee, probably because she'll be indicted. Will I be happy when Hillary is in an orange jumpsuit. Of course! Who wouldn't be? She's a lowlife gangster who should've been in jail decades ago, along with the sex offender she's "married" to.

But you must understand what's really happening. The takeover of the Democrat party by the hard left--the real Left-- is a sea change in American history. The Left's new voters will be the fools and knaves who voted enthusiastically for Obama, and the ten's of millions of illegals Obama has imported. It may not be a governing coalition yet, or even soon, but we will soon have one of the two major parties in our country be a hard Left party.

American was a good thing, while it lasted. 


  1. America can't go on forever as it has been for most of my life, lurching back and forth between leftism and wishy-washy rightism (which has the effect over time of ratcheting us to the left).

    The electorate must either repudiate leftism in total, consciously, or we will end up there no matter what -- no polity can long have "just a little leftism" in its politics.

    Having the leftists openly make their plays is a good thing.

    1. Agree, Ilion. Spot on.
      It may attract flies and smell, but at least we wont step in it - if it's not hidden in the grass.

  2. [no polity can long have "just a little leftism" in its politics.]

    I agree. It's like a cancer. Either it beats you or you beat it.

  3. The revolution always eats it's young.
    Not just the left. The entire bloody game is designed to do so.
    There is, however, a silver (if tarnished) lining!
    The useful idiots will no longer be useful.
    The thrill will cease to run up the legs, and wet shit will begin to run down them.
    There is, at least, some entertainment value in that.