Sunday, August 30, 2015

If Obama had a son....

The horrendous racially-motivated murders in Roanoke of a newswoman and a cameraman leave a trail of blood that leads to the White House. These murders are only the most recent consequences of a deliberate policy by the Obama administration to inspire racial hate and violence in America.

Obama and the Left are playing with fire. They are deliberately whipping up racism and violence to advance a political agenda. There is rising violence in cities because the police have been slandered and handcuffed by Leftist lies. There are whites killing blacks and blacks killing whites in our new race war--a war started deliberately by the Democrat Left to gin up minority votes so it can retain political power.

Rioters in Ferguson and St Louis and Baltimore are Obama's sons. Thugs in the new crime wave in Washington and Chicago and New Orleans and New York and in cities across the country are Obama's sons. Dylan Roof and Vester Lee Flanagan are Obama's sons.

Wherever whites and blacks are newly inspired to rob and hate and kill each other, there are Obama's sons.

The mainstream media has a lot of this blood on its hands as well--the deliberate editing of the George Zimmerman 911 audio in order to make his motives appear racial is one of the ugliest lies the leftist media had perpetrated in recent memory. The media deliberately inserted a non-existent racial motive into an audio tape for the obvious intention of stirring up racial hatred and violence. It doesn't get any lower.

The Left is rising in America. Race-baiting and violence are its oxygen. This is only the beginning. 


  1. You really are a bigoted, hateful person, aren't you? Because blacks refuse to ignore when a cop shoots an unarmed man repeatedly in the back, or refuse to ignore when a cop uses an illegal chokehold on an unarmed, and unresisting, black man (killing him), it is somehow Ibama's fault?

    I watch all of this safely from Canada and I can safely say that the biggest problem with the US is the right wing religious nut jobs, not the left wing.

    1. Funny. Not this Canadian's perspective at all.
      I am military and in analysis. Consequently I have access to feeds and statistics before most.
      It seems to me the problem is not some racist streak in American 'whites', but rather an engineered political event - something like Mike has described.
      Also, I would note that your obviously metrosexual/urban take on this subject is entirely Atypical of the standard Canadian position on racism in America. In fact, it is almost inverted.
      That leaves me with a single question for you, Poleshaker: Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal? In which microcosm do you fester?

  2. Your tinfoil cap needs to be tightened a little.

    Did you ever think that a large part of the problem may be the rediculous gun laws (or lack of them)?

  3. Hey, great idea. How about this: why don't you democrat assholes enact really strict gun laws in the cities you already govern--Baltimore, Chicago, St Louis, New Orleans, Washington--and show the rest of American how effective democrat liberal policies are at preventing gun crime...

    ...Oh...wait... you already have, and all homicidal shit hole cities are already governed by democrats...

    Try this, libtard: clean up the gun violence in the cities you already govern, then tell the rest of us (who don't commit gun violence) how to do it.

    1. Gun ownership in Canada is among the highest in the world.

      See if you can find a correlation between gun ownership and murder rate. I can't.

      Mexico has one of the strictest gun control regimes in the world.

      There has been a marked increase in gun ownership in the US since the 1990's, along with a precipitous drop in gun crime since then.

      Gun crime has as much correlation with gun ownership as it has with consumption of Kool-Aid, which is what liberals sell.

      One thing that does correlate quite closely with gun crime in the US is liberal Democrat governance.

      Virtually all gun violence in the USA is committed by Democrats against Democrats in municipalities governed by Democrats.

    2. "Gun ownership in Canada is among the highest in the world."

      Long guns, pal. Hunting rifles. Not hand guns or assault rifles. And the handful of hand gun deaths in Canada are the result of US guns being smuggled into Canada.

      And we are talking about gun deaths, not gun crimes. How many gun deaths are caused by kids getting ahold of legally stored guns in the home? And how many are caused by legal guns that are stolen?

      And how many mass shootings occur with legal guns in the US relative to Canada? Only a moron would ignore the obvious.

      Racism exists everywhere. Only a fool would ignore it. And I agree, the majority of whites and blacks are not racist. But whites do not feel it necessary to instruct their kids to be afraid of the police (in both countries). Why is that?

      Blaming Obama is just nut job crazy. Why was it necessary for a white cop to shoot an unarmed black man several times in the back for having a busted tail light? Why was it necessary for the cop to drop his tazer by the body? Why was it necessary for him not to administer first aid and lie about it? Why was it necessary for the other cops on the scene (one of who was black) to also lie about administering first aid? Why did none of this come forward until after the video surfaced? Why was the cop not charged until the video surfaced.

      Are you still arguing that his death was justified? If so, I would really love to hear how you rationalize it. I am all ears.

  4. Michael,

    I realise that you have serious problems with reading comprehension, but you did understand that William Spearshake is writing from Canada, didn't you? Why did you refer to him as a 'democrat asshole', when the Democrats are an American and not Canadian political party?

    What's happened to your Christian charity and the turning of the other cheek?

    I agree with William. You ought to put your tinfoil hat back on. Restarting your anti-psychotic medications might be a good idea too.

  5. Hey, bachfiend, I thought you had passed away and paid a funeral mass to salvage your soul!