Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The purge of Hillary

The most interesting thing in the nation today has nothing to do with the Republican debates. What's happening now will change our nation's history, and the commentariat seems to understand none of it.

There is a civil war in the Democrat party. The war  is for control of the party. It is hot and (legally) lethal. It will alter our politics and governance.

Obama is taking over the Democrat party. That has been the goal of the Left since 1968, and it is near accomplishment.

Leftists always direct their hate and destructive force at each other, more so even than at their enemies on the right. Stalin destroyed Trotsky. The Purge Trials targeted mostly fellow communists. The goal of the Left is power, and only power, and the Left always begins with local power. For Leftists in the Democrat party, local power means taking over the Democrat party.

How to accomplish it? First, drive out the moderate Democrats. Because moderates generally cannot be convinced to leave voluntarily, the Left uses elections to drive them out. That's why Obama seemed strangely unconcerned that the Democrats lost heavily in  the 2010 and 2014 midterms--virtually all of the Democrats who lost seats were moderate Democrats. The Democrat party that remains is much more Leftist, which is the goal.

The problem that remains for Stalin Obama is that the Clintons and their faction remain in the party, and Hillary is favored to gain the presidency. That would of course castrate Obama and destroy the Left's plan.

How to purge the Clintons? The Clintons are masters at politics and at corruption and dirty tricks, and they certainly won't go voluntarily.

What's remarkable now is that Obama's Justice Department is seriously investigating Hillary. Think about it for a moment. A Democrat president known for his manipulation of the legal system to destroy political opponents (think IRS scandal) is directing a massive felony investigation at his party's (presumptive) next president. Would Carter have directed the FBI to go after Mondale? Would Reagan have directed the FBI to go after George H.W. Bush? Would Clinton have directed the FBI to go after Al Gore?

It is astonishing that Obama is investigating Clinton for the email crimes (and of course they are crimes). The only explanation is this: Obama is destroying Clinton and her machine.

And she will be destroyed, along with her husband and the coterie of gangsters they have collected. Obama wants them gone--many, I suspect, will go to prison.

I doubt Hillary will survive to run in 2016. She will probably be indicted, and probably convicted and jailed. Look for Bill and the capos of the Clinton Foundation syndicate to join her.

Even if she does survive to run in the election, Obama will make sure she loses, and is humiliated.

Obama's goal is the complete control of the Democrat party. He's close, and that is the most remarkable story of his presidency, and it's a story that's not being reported.

After seizing control of the Democrat party, the Left has one problem left: the Democrats will be a smaller party, devastated at the polls. What's the use of taking over the party, if it loses in perpetuity?

The solution: illegal immigration. Obama and the Left are purging the Democrat party of non-Leftists, and filling the electoral hole with tens of millions of illegal immigrants. It may take a generation or two, but the Left will prevail.

It's fascinating to watch. 


  1. That's also why Obama wants everyone to go to college. That is where leftists are made.