Saturday, August 1, 2015

Washington Post lies for Planned Parenthood

Stop the vendetta against Planned Parenthood:
Planned Parenthood is under virulent attack for the role a small portion of its affiliates play in helping women who want to donate fetal tissue for medical research. The antiabortion group Center for Medical Progress has orchestrated a propaganda campaign accusing the nation’s largest provider of abortions of profiting from the illegal sale of fetal tissue, a charge refuted by Planned Parenthood. 
None of the videos released shows anything illegal and, in fact, the full footageof Planned Parenthood executives meeting with people presumed to be buyers for a human biologics company include repeated assertions that clinics are not selling tissue but only seeking permitted reimbursement costs for expenses.
In the videos, Planned Parenthood abortionists negotiate the price at which they will sell parts of the babies they've just killed.  When you negotiate a price, you are selling, not donating. The baby chunks were sold 'with a little extra for the clinic'-- for a profit, which is a federal felony.

The entire WaPo editorial is a lie, including the 'and' and the 'the'.

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