Monday, August 3, 2015

Planned Parenthood's abortions would disgust even Margaret Sanger

In the midst of the Planned Parenthood scandal, it's worth noting that Margaret Sanger was emphatically opposed to abortion.

Sanger's disgust with abortion is well documented:
She turned women seeking abortions away from her clinics: “I do not approve of abortion.” She called it “sordid,” “abhorrent,” “terrible,” “barbaric,” a “horror.” She called abortionists “blood-sucking men with MD after their names who perform operations for the price of so-and-so.” She called the results of abortion “an outrageous slaughter,” “infanticide,” “foeticide,” and “the killing of babies.” And Margaret Sanger, who knew a thing or two about contraception, said that birth control “has nothing to do with abortion, it has nothing to do with interfering with or disturbing life after conception has taken place.” Birth control stands alone: “It is the first, last, and final step we all are to take to have real human emancipation.”

Sanger was a racist, a eugenicist and a birth control fanatic, but she did not support abortion. It seems, actually, that abortion repulsed her. Planned Parenthood didn't become the world's largest abortion mill until after her death.

This demonstrates the radical depravity of Planned Parenthood and their modern collaborators. Planned Parenthood abortions would disgust even Margaret Sanger.

When you've lost Margaret Sanger...

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