Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fighting back against the Gaystapo

Yahoo news:

[T]he Odgaards and their Görtz Haus Gallery came under fire in 2013 when they refused to assist two men with their upcoming nuptials, citing their Christian beliefs,The Blaze reports. A small payout from the lawsuit, followed by boycotts and a decline in their accompanying flower and restaurant businesses, led the couple to close their doors at the end of July.
After their wedding business was shuttered, the couple established a nonprofit called God’s Original Design Ministry. They plan to place up to 1,000 anti–gay marriage billboards around the country. God’s Original Design Ministry is listed as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which means it doesn’t have to pay taxes on the money people send in.
The Yahoo article, written by one Samantha Cowan, was hilariously titled "A Thousand Points of Hate: Couple Plans Massive Series of Anti–Gay Marriage Billboards"'

Odd to ascribe hate to a couple who were minding their own business (literally) until their livelihood was destroyed by gay haters who targeted them because of their Christian faith.

The appellation "hate" must also apply to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who proclaimed the same "hate" all of their lives (and campaigns), until very recently.

We're seeing the beginning of the push-back to the unconstitutional Supreme Court diktat and to the lavender totalitarians. The push-back will grow, as did the push-back to Roe, and we will see a new mass movement-- Pro-Marriage-- akin to the Pro-Live movement.

The Resistance grows. 

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  1. Clinton and Obama simply used the brains that they were born with to realize that their previous opposition to SSM made no sense.

    This couple was in the service industry. In many states, and in many countries, it is against the law for a service industry to refuse service based on race, ethnicity, sex and sexual orientation. I don't know if the gag couple targeted this couple to make a point, but why does it matter if this is true? I recall some black teens targeting a Woolworths lunch counter. And Rosa Parks targeting a transit system.

    Same sex marriage does not harm anyone and it is not infringing on anyone's religious freedoms.