Saturday, December 22, 2012

American freed after being jailed in gun control paradise

I'm not sure if you've been following this story, but Marine veteran Jon Hammar Jr. has been freed from  a drug-lord-controlled prison and is back on U.S. soil. Hammar was jailed on batshit gun charges in Mexico, which has probably the strictest gun control in the world, and corresponding rates of gun crime.

Prayers were answered for Mr. Hammar and his family. May they have a blessed Christmas. 


  1. The Gun violence in Mexico is direct result of the illegal drug trade and the flood of guns from the US, not because of the laws they have in place to try to combat the situation. Duh.


    1. Guns are made and available all over the world (Brazil is a major gun-maker, and the AK47, the most popular automatic assault rifle on earth, is a Russian design.

      I would point out that the Obama administration is probably the only government to actually have GIVEN assault weapons to drug lords (Fast and Furious).

      The drug trade is obviously a major factor. Which political party in the US has been at the core of drug use and drug culture?


      Democrats cause gun violence in so many ways.

    2. Michael,

      Well, actually if drug use was legal and regulated, then there wouldn't be a drug trade. And the enormous profits from illicit trade would disappear removing the incentive to violence to monopolize the trade.