Thursday, December 20, 2012

Americans understand what happened in Newtown and how to stop it next time.


Only a small group of Americans-- liberals-- believe that more gun control (Connecticut already has very strict gun control) will prevent school massacres.

The American public understands that the "gun-free zone" at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a major factor in the slaughter of these children.

Diane Ravitich:

This much is clear: the teachers and staff at the Sandy Hook Elementary School reacted with astonishing courage to the unthinkable, the terrifying intrusion of a man intent on murdering them and their students. With no thought of their own safety, they defended their children.. 
Everyone of them is a hero, those who died and those who survived. 
Six of them died protecting the children. 
We don’t know the names of the survivors, but we know who made the ultimate sacrifice. For their courage and selflessness, they are heroes of American education. 
The principal, Dawn Hochsprung, 47, and the school psychologist, Mary Sherlach, 52, ran towards the intruder to try to stop him. They both were killed. 
The killer went in search of defenseless babies and teachers. The teachers heard the gunfire, tried to hide their children, hid them in closets and cabinets. 
Vicki Soto, 27, put herself between the killer and her children. He killed her. Somehow some of them escaped. Six ran to a nearby house. They told the surprised homeowner 
“We can’t go back to our school. Our teacher is dead. We don’t have a teacher.” 
Anne Marie Murphy, 52, was a special education teacher who was devoted to the children she taught. When her body was found, little Dylan Hockley was in her arms. 
Rachel D’Avino was a new teacher, who was getting her doctorate in special education. She was a behavioral analyst. Her boyfriend planned to ask her to marry him during the Christmas holiday. Like the other teachers, she died shielding students.

Americans understand that next time a teacher has to run down the hall toward gunshots, she should not be required by law to do it unarmed.  


  1. “Gallup: More Americans Favor School Officials Having Guns Than Weapon Ban”

    Bullshit. The poll says nothing of the kind. The poll asked to rate the effectiveness of various possible measures to prevent this kind of tragedy. At best you could say that, by a very small margin, within the margin of error, people think that armed school officials would be more effective than a weapons ban at preventing school shootings.


    1. We already know about the "effectiveness" of gun control in preventing school shootings. Connecticut is a gun control utopia. It helped the shooter considerably. Disarmed victims and 20 minutes to kill at leisure before anyone with a gun shows up, are very helpful, thank you.

  2. You have got to wonder what’s going thru the mind of a person that thinks they need that second or third extended magazine. What should we do? Just leave them alone, with no special scrutiny or evaluation? Cross our fingers and hope they don’t act out whatever it is that they’re planning for?

    Would you concede that there’s no legitimate purpose for extended magazines? Or are you against even this common sense gun control?


  3. Search “bump fire ar 15” on You Tube. That’s legal. Is that OK with you?


  4. Limits on magazines and things like barrel length are largely impotent measures.
    They only really control the behaviour of legitimate enthusiasts and gun owners. They are self enforced rules and the modifications themselves are child's play.
    Clip size is not what is at issue here.
    It only takes seconds to reload a side arm with an extra clip.
    That silent time may have even worked against or in Lanza's favour - giving a few moments for some people to escape or hide, or by creating a lull under which children may have been tempted to break cover and run. The way I see it, it most likely would have resulted in some different kids being killed. No more, no less.
    Clip size is just not the key, is it?
    Well maybe if we are talking about the clip size of the security staff or teacher that returned fire?
    How many shots were fired before Lanza killed himself?
    Oh right! None.
    He shot himself at the first sign of response.
    Shame someone at the school didn't draw on him. He could have killed himself much earlier and saved a whole lot of innocent life.
    The monster is the key to understanding this horror and just possibly preventing or lessening another like it. The MONSTER not his bloody tool.
    The mummy's-boy, Peter Pan syndrome, drugged up lifestyle of this Lanza character is what should be under the microscope. His myriad addictions, his obsessions, the signs of his collapse into madness. It's juts not about clips or magazine sizes.