Friday, December 21, 2012

What is the gun community going to do about this tragedy?

"I dunno. What is the gay community going to do about Penn State?"

Interesting parallel. Sport shooting/gay sex.

Each is legal, done daily by millions of ordinary people, and each was expropriated by a psychopath to do unspeakable things to children.

Two differences:

1) Sport shooting isn't anywhere near as lethal as gay sex.

2) Media/politicians always link sport shooting, but never gay sex, to atrocities.


  1. Don't you care how "hurtful", and "hateful", all this reason and logic is?!?!?!? You must be "hate-filled"!!!!!! ;)

    Keep up the good fight -- don't just slip the stiletto of logic into the bloated carcass of anti-reason, twist it!

  2. Ben,

    And male-on-female sex abusers aren't really heterosexual?

    Child sex abuse is a crime, causing not just physical, but also psychological, damage to the victims. The psychological damage is often more serious than the physical.

    The great majority of adults, both heterosexual and homosexual, don't find children sexually attractive.

  3. Ben,

    I didn't know about the close association between NAMBLA and the gay movement. Excellent post.

  4. Ben,

    I concede that most priests aren't pedophiles, and are doing their calling in a professional way. If I have any criticism, it is the way the Catholic hierarchy has had in hiding the crimes of a small minority of its clergy by tactics such as transferring offending priests to other parishes.

    Anyway, what percentage of homosexuals are pedophiles? And what percentage of heterosexuals are pedophiles? They're more relevant figures than the percentage of pedophiles who are homosexual (which you haven't provided either). Although you seem to think that sexual abuse of girls is more common than that of boys. I'd actually suspect the reverse, because boys are slightly more numerous than girls and parents tend to protect daughters more than sons.

    Child abuse is a crime. And needs to be stamped out. This thread is just another of Egnor's attempts to whitewash America's love affair with the gun.

  5. "... This thread is just another of Egnor's attempts to whitewash America's love affair with the gun."

    Translation: I'm a fearful little foreign weenie, and it terrifies me that Americans are generally disinclined to be fearful little weenies.

    If leftists want to continue to chant about "America's love affair with the gun", as though that has any meaning, we can discuss their real multitude of phobias.

    1. llion,

      No. Foreigners laugh and shake their heads at the self-proclaimed exceptionalism of Americans who insist that their way is the best, including some 18000 deaths due to firearms per year

    2. As I noted bach, the American fondness for firearms is part of the reason that you are not now worshipping at an Imperial Shinto Shrine and our European friends are not now attending torchlit Nazi rallies or enjoying the Siberian weather in the Gulag.

      America is a mixture of many things, but we are a free people who have been saving a lot of other people's asses for quite a while now. And we lost hundreds of thousands of our gun-loving fathers and brothers and sons (and daughters).

      Also, you make the unwarranted assumption that ordinary Americans who own guns are as a group responsible for crime in this country. The fact is that ordinary American gun-owners are law abiding peaceful people who are orders of magnitude more likely to stop crime than to start it.

      Our gun-criminals are denizens of Liberal-social-engineered inner city wastelands decimated by decades of Liberal Democrat governance. The irony is that our gun-control assholes have via their idiot policies been the cause of much of the gun violence in this country. That's what happens when you destroy families with welfare and gut the criminal justice system. You get generations of gang-bangers who shoot each other and rob and murder innocents.

      How about this: Liberal Democrats need to stop gun violence in the cities they govern, before they tell the rest of us how to do it.

    3. How about the Left's love affair with homosexual sodomy, which they defend as if it were a Constitutional right.

      A couple hundred thousand dead from that love affair.

    4. Does *anyone* really care what foreigners think?

      Shoot, even the "liberals" only pretend to care about foreigners (much less to care about what they think).

    5. For instance, look at this foreign foolishess: "No. Foreigners laugh and shake their heads at the self-proclaimed exceptionalism of Americans who insist that their way is the best ..."

      There's a foreigner trying to tell us this his way is not only best, but that we are immoral (*) for not bowing to it ... as he falsely accuses us of doing the very thing he is doing.

      (*) NOTE: When it's convenient to him, this intellectually and morally dishonest leftist denies that morality is real.

      "... including some 18000 deaths due to firearms per year."

      One wonders, where did he get that figure.

      One wonders further, is he including suicides (and accidents) in his count, while implying that he's talking about homicides?

  6. Bachfiend,

    I agree that the Catholic hierarchy deserves criticism for sheltering a small minority from prosecution. Those bishops should be removed and prosecuted themselves. Some of them have been removed, too few have been prosecuted.

    I'm not trying to excuse it, by I would like to point out that covering up sexual abuse is a very common reaction because of the intense public shame that's involved. It doesn't make it right, but it's a reality.

    I sometimes just don't understand why people single out the Catholic Church as a den of child molesters and accomplices after the fact. Rape is covered up on college campuses (see Amherst College and Penn State), in the public schools (see LA Unified), and in prisons. Nearly everywhere scandals such as these happen, the tendency is to hide it out of shame. What if people know that there were child molesters/rapists at our (fill in the blank--school, church, business, professional organization)? It takes courage to do something about it and most of us are pretty cowardly.

    My point is that some people have a very difficult time accepting that men who rape boys are gay. It's time to admit that they are. That's like saying that priests that rape boys aren't priests.

    See this "religious tolerance" page:

    Can you believe this bullshit? They conveniently define a homosexual as a person who has sexual attractions to adults of the same sex. Therefore, pedophiles aren't really homosexuals! That's not what the dictionary says, by the way. The dictionary defines homosexual as "of, relating to, or involving sexual intercourse between persons of the same sex." No mention of age, nor should there be. Homo= same, sexual= of or related to sex. Redefining the word is simply a rhetorical trick that the homosexual lobby uses to twist reality. That way they've defined the child molesters as non-gay.

    Think about Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo. He's been openly gay for years, and now we find out that he likes fifteen year old boys. Is he kicked out of the gay club? Mark Foley is another good example. When he got caught piddling the pages the homosexual lobby loved it because he was a Republican. They absolutely refused to admit that he is also gay, saying that he "identifies" as a heterosexual and he is married. Update: Foley is now retired with a male partner. Turns out he was gay after all.


  7. Here's a wonderful article about the man-boy love movement in its infancy when it was nothing more than a wing of the gay movement.


  8. @Ben:

    The Amherst College rape scandal hit very close to home. It's in my back yard. I went to UMass Amherst, the large state school across town.

    Last school year there were fifteen reported incidents of forced sexual contact. Fifteen! It's not even a large school. That's more than one per month. When you consider the fact that the students are there for barely more than half the year, it's really more than two per month.

    The women weren't getting the help they needed. Rape counselors were telling them not to press charges and one woman was sent to a psych ward because she mentioned suicidal thoughts. It's a disgrace. The college covered it up out of shame. It's wrong and it needs to change, on college campuses, in churches, and everywhere.


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  10. "How about the Left's love affair with homosexual sodomy, which they defend as if it were a Constitutional right.

    A couple hundred thousand dead from that love affair.

    It's odd, isn't it?

    The right to bear arms is not only an explicit Constitutional right, but is a God-given right preceding any constitutions. Yet, “liberals” and other leftists insist that because some few persons murder other persons by means of arms that all persons must justify their claim to possess this right, with the presumption that they do not, after all, possess it.

    On the other hand, sodomy is neither a God-given right nor a Constitutional civil right. Yet, “liberals” and other leftists insist that *even though* sodomy is the primary manner by which HIV is spread in the US that *no* restrictions may be placed upon sodomy – not even so minor and practical and common-sensical a thing as closing the “gay” “sex” clubs.