Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg to security detail: 'You're fired!

[Dissociated Press] Gun control crusader Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced today that he is firing his heavily armed security detail. The New York City Mayor, who has made stricter gun control a hallmark issue during his intermedable tenure, shocked reporters at a noon press conference today.

"If little six year olds have to face gunmen in gun-free zones, I should too." said the dapper Mayor, a muscle twitching in his jaw. "Why should billionaire liberal politicians have heavily armed security in a gun-free zone, and little kids in school are left to fend for themselves against psychos."

Bloomberg unbuttoned his shirt, to reveal-- a Sponge Bob T-shirt, and no... bullet-proof vest!

"I stand with the kids. If Sponge Bob was enough for them, he's enough for me."

Other mega-rich liberal gun control activists, including 26 Hollywood stars and starlets, have announced that they have fired their personal armed security details, in solidarity with the forty million K-12 students in gun-free school zones.

Pro gun-control members of Congress have written to the Washington police demanding that all security officers in the Capitol and House and Senate Office Buildings be disarmed immediately.

"What kind of hypocrites would we be", said the politicians, "if we enjoyed the security of armed professionals while denying it to millions of defenseless schoolchildren". 
"Let's face it", they continued, "if some mass shooter just killed twenty-six unarmed undefended congressmen, we certainly wouldn't be proposing laws making it harder to defend innocent victims of gun violence."


  1. Unlike our government, school children do not need protection from other governments. So far Saudi-funded terrorist organizations have not started attacking our schools. If they did, some rent-a-cop is not going to stop them.

    What our children need protection against is our overly-armed American citizens. If you want children to be safer, disarm the citizens. It's that simple.

    You may say: "Impossible! It will never happen in America! It's impractical! It is unconstitutional!"

    That's what they said about giving women the right to vote. That's what they said about giving black people full recognition as equal citizens. If we can outgrow slavery and discrimination, we can outgrow the Wild West gun battle (with 40 round clips) that our laws currently encourage.

    All it takes is will and maturity.

    1. Anonymous,

      Foolish. How do you expect maturity from Egnor and his ilk?

    2. I don't expect Egnor to ever change his mind about anything. But it is good practice for developing data and soundbites for countering other radical right-wing fringe who think that a child-friendly society is one where every person carries a people-killing machine.

    3. I love being lectured by a leftie about "people-killing".

      How do you feel about abortion?

    4. Michael,

      'How do you feel about abortion?'

      Answer; quite neutrally, provided it's voluntary on the part of the woman involved (it is after all her body and her choice) and it doesn't involve a fetus which is legally a person ie over 20 weeks gestation.

      It shouldn't be encouraged, and it should be the last resort, not a form of primary birth control.

      Why do you bring up abortion when the topic is 6 and 7 year olds being shoot multiple times by a man armed with a semiautomatic weapon? Millions of aborted nonviable fetuses wouldn't experience the terror experience by one shot child.

    5. So it's the terror, not the death of the child, that matters.

      Shooting newborns in a nursery wouldn't terrify the little ones-- they're too young to know what's happening. By your reasoning, that would be ok.

    6. Michael,

      You're an idiot. Newborns in a nursery are legally 'persons'. A fetus under 20 weeks isn't legally a 'person', so in many states, abortion is legal.

      You're concerned about the terror YOU feel at the thought that some woman somewhere somewhen might possibly choose to have an abortion of a fetus which hasn't developed to the point where it's capable of feeling pain, but aren't concerned that someone could take a semiautomatic weapon and shoot 6 and 7 year olds multiple times.

      Your idea of armed security guards wouldn't work, unless the guards are the equal of any possible intruding shooter. A fifty-ish retired ex-police or military type armed with a handgun wouldn't be able to cope with a 20 year old armed with a semiautomatic rifle - whose first action would be to take out any guards around.

      So your idea would need 200,000 very fit, medically and psychologically stable individuals, proficient on the weapons they're using, trained in urban combat, and armed with semiautomatic weapons too. There wouldn't be that number in America, who are also unemployed or retired.

      For your idea to work, the threat to a shooter would have to be credible. You've got military experience. If you were an armed guard in a school, do you think you could take down an armed intruder within 60 seconds with training?

    7. I suggested two guards at least for each school, and teachers should have the opportunity to have access to weapons if they need/want them.

      Several mass shooters have been stopped by single armed individuals. The knowledge that the school had armed security would likely deter a shooter anyway. These guys want gun-free zones, not a shoot-out.

      And you overestimate the tactical skill of the typical 20 year old homicidal schizo shooter, who's more attuned to the voices in his head than he is to tactical competence.

    8. Michael,

      I'm SO pleased that you know the exact pathology of the shooters perpetrating these massacres. You're now propagating the assertion that they're psychotic schizophrenics listening to voices ordering them to act. Nice. You're reinforcing prejudice, and you don't have the slightest evidence that its true.

      But, anyway, make up your mind. Are the shooters rational, and they'll be put off their plans by the presence of armed fifty-ish retired military types, possibly a little overweight and not as fit as when they were in their 20s? Or are they irrational 'schizos' who'd be an easy target for any security guard or armed teacher?

    9. This is the most misguided thing iv ever heard... If this idiot were saying that he is giving up his armed guard and making them go protect a school, that would make at least a lick of sense... Clearly, Spongebob wasn't enough for the kids because... Well, they're dead...

      Any determined person can get their hands on a gun. Whether legally or illegally. Some normal law abiding citizens concerned with their safety have been known to do so in places that have overly restrictive gun laws. Making it illegal may make it a little harder, but this could still happen again in a world "without guns" because there will never be a world without guns just like there will never be a world without people unstable enough to kill people for whatever sick reasons people kill people.

    10. "school children do not need protection from saudi funded terrorists"??? ever heard of 9-11 or timothy McVeigh. what the heck are you talking about? disarm citizens? hahahahah! its a joke right? you can't possibly be that gullible. ok then lets start with all the gangbangers and criminals first. you send them notice that it is now illegal to own a gun and that they should turn there guns in to local authorities forthwith. then we can see what the response will be. oh and bring some hot coffee heard hell is gona freeze over

  2. Fernando los Angeles CADecember 25, 2012 at 5:43 PM

    bachfiend your post of dec 17 reveals your inability to compromise on this issue. it would therefor be more productive for those who are really trying to find a solution to procede without your input. you mock at the idea of mregnor to comment on the mindset of a cold blooded killer, and yet you comment on the ability of a fetus to feel pain or the idea that the perp will take out the guards first lol. you disregard the idea of security guards in schools by giving impossible comparisons on tactical skills and age related abilities. you propose the idea that outlawing guns somehow makes them all disappear. Grow up! Drugs and murder is illegal here in the U.S. and yet they are both impossible to control. where there is profit to be made there will be someone there to capitalize on it. (no country excluded) so yes I would please like the right or privilidge or opportunity to protect my family in the absense of an armed security detail to follow both me and my family 24 hrs a day. police response in my neighborhood is between 3 min. and 45 min. if they are busy. either is a long time when confronted with home invasion or assault. just curious if you would be capable or have the bravery to defend your family if confronted. killing is killing regardless of the instrument used. so why not just deal with those committing the crimes rather than trying to disarm everyone else. since you have no problem with euthanizing a fetus then Im sure you would be the first to round up all the mentally ill and put them to death too. Im sure you believe they wont feel pain either.

  3. bloomberg is a hypocrite. his latest action is a result of the media exposing his hypocrissy. same as feinstein who was exposed as haveing a licence to carry a firearm. yes she has given it up since but only after being exposed. bloomberg and feinstein and celebrity supporters of gun control still work and live in protected buildings. live without walls and guards and metal detectors and then you can claim to be like us the general public. Bloomberg is so out of touch he doesnt even know the difference between a fully automatic weapon and a semi auto weapon. His ignorance reveals his true intent, he is only concerned with the outlaw of all firearms without special permission. If that sounds acceptable then you would love it here in Los Angeles where the concealed carry of a firearm is regulated by the county sheriff or the police chief of L.A. applications to carry are denied to us the general public but somehow find there way accepted to celebrities and friends of the afore mentioned. criminals here in L.A. commit roberies and killings routinly with a gun. guess they didn't get the memo that you need a permit for that. wonder what the crime rate is in chicago where supposedly it is very difficult to obtain a gun legally. anyone want to offer up the info? how bout New York? how bout a comparrison to states with open carry permissable. I for one would love to know.

  4. Amen to that,Let the Gov come to Va and try to disarm all of us!!! I DON'T THINK SO........