Monday, July 22, 2013

Atheists demand removal of Star of David from Holocaust memorial

From Breitbart:


An atheist activist organization wants a proposed Ohio statehouse Holocaust memorial to remove the Star of David symbol, which, the group claims, is an “exclusionary” religious symbol. 
According to The Columbus Dispatch, the non-profit Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), known for its activism concerning church-state separation, claimed that the inclusion of the Judaic symbol is a breach of the U.S. Constitution...

Just in case you were beginning to forget that atheists are despicable assholes. 


  1. If find this article illustrative of what the whole 'new atheist' movement is about: Historical revisionism. They want to replace our monuments, our traditions, and our history thereby doing so our culture. Why? To reform civilization in their utopian image. It's just a 'new' name and a 'new' face for a very old movement.

    1. crus:

      And of course historical revisionism is a hallmark of totalitarianism, which is the only political form atheism-in-power has ever taken.

  2. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyJuly 22, 2013 at 8:17 AM

    I think we should begin to worry if and only if the atheists stop noticing crosses and stars of David.

    The simple fact that people freak out, get runny stools, and grab a lawyer when they see a cross or a star of David is evidence of the power of those symbols. The very idea that someone could be "excluded" by glancing at an image reminds me of a cowering vampire in a B-movie.

  3. Curiously, the chairman of the Ohio Senate's advisory board voted against the memorial for the same reasons:

    "Board Chairman Richard Finan voted against the memorial, telling reporters he would have been fine with "a reasonable memorial, something smaller" on the grounds.

    "But this is just too much to the Jewish religion," Finan added. He said the state could get sued for violating the separation of church and state."

    Is Richard Finan an atheist? I think not.


  4. Damned if I can figure out how you can do a public memorial to a group victimized because of their religion without the symbols of their religion. I mean, really. The Jesuits who worked with the Hurons and Iroquois for instance. The idiot atheists would insist that a public monument marking their place in our history NOT include a crucifix. What ass-hattery.