Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to Crus and to all of our friends in Canada! It's a wonderful day to celebrate a great nation and good people.

We Americans are blessed to have such good neighbors.


  1. Thanks, Mike. Re the neighbours: Right back at you!
    Been a great one so far. Nice and relaxing. Some good BBQ, corn on the cob. A couple old buddies dropped by....
    Have special clearance (from the Mrs) to keep the little guy up for the fireworks over the harbour tonight, too.
    Might even squeeze in a couple of beers before then!

  2. Canada is a great country indeed. I had the privilege of working there for a while and I enjoyed it immensely, despite or perhaps rather because of living in a rather poor area of Kingston populated by families of inmates of the numerous local prisons and students smoking pot 24/7.

    Thank God it's far more liberal than the US.

    1. "Canada is a great country indeed."
      Why thank you! One of the reasons I joined the forces.

      "I had the privilege of working there for a while..."
      It is, indeed, a privilege to call this land home, even if only briefly.

      "Thank God it's far more liberal than the US."
      I am not so sure about that, but it depends on what you mean by 'liberal'. If by liberal you mean 'libertarian', I would agree - at least currently.
      But you're right about God. He's in our constitution, courts, crown, schools, anthem, charter... just about everywhere you look.
      "God keep our land Glorious and free!"

    2. I must say, I find your nation neither libertarian nor liberal. Canada's zeal for prosecuting thought crimes knows no bounds. Those heretics of "hate" would probably agree with me.

      Free speech is a wonderful thing. I'll defend everyone's right to it, including hideous demagogues and bigots like Troy and KW. I may raise my own voice to counter theirs, but what I won't do is pout and run to the government to make them stop.


    3. Ben,
      "I must say, I find your nation neither libertarian nor liberal."
      Well then. We'll just have to shut down shop and move to Greenland.

      "Canada's zeal for prosecuting thought crimes knows no bounds. Those heretics of "hate" would probably agree with me. "
      The hate crime laws are extremely controversial here. I agree they contravene the charter rights and I opposed them whole heatedly. Jailing, fining, and censuring people for their ideas (spoke or written) is madness - even if those ideas are 'hateful'.
      If they incite or commit violence, that is already criminal and needs no special provision.
      I make no apologies for that, but we have begun a reversal up this way. The 'human rights tribunals' have been de-fanged by the current administration (to popular applause and the chagrin of progressives) and section 13 has been repealed and will likely be deemed totally unconstitutional by the courts.
      They are an artifact of the Liberal (party, that is) regime of almost 20 years and are all but completely dead.
      What remains now is to reexamine the cases brought against citizens under that law and inform some over zealous prosecutors that they can no longer 'aggregate' charges with suspected motive in federal courts.
      I am not holding my breath on that former. But, I am pleased with the current reversal in legal course.

      We do not, however, have a 'patriot act' or NDAA. We do not allow for the assassination of citizens at home or abroad. Our snooping, as advanced as it is, is aimed at the ENEMY - not our citizens. Whistle blowers are not labelled 'traitors', only actual traitors are.
      Further, I legally own semi-automatic rifles and have several 30 shot clips within walking distance of where I write, in a legal gun locker. 2 Hours away in NY I would be a criminal.
      Also, the provinces have their own legislation and are all but autonomous (some actually are!). The provinces can actually write their own LAWS! Amazing, eh? You folks used to have something like that pre 2001, no? A 10A or something?
      Add to that we vote with paper ballots on all levels - not machines.
      These votes are actually counted by people and recounted when necessary. We also have a much lower percentage of people rotting in prison and far less minorities in our prisons (still disproportionately high). On that note, people who have served in prison (once freed) can vote and exercise their rights as citizens. They do not become second class 'felons' whose rights are curtailed. I should also add we did not 'buy' Iraq or hand out the cash to the banks (bail outs) when the economic shit hit the fan.

      Maybe I made us sound too perfect somehow. I had no intention of doing so. Canada is no Utopia. We have plenty of real problems, and by no means do we have some magical guarantee of remaining as well off as we are. Being Canadian is partially about accepting the real nature of our elite classes (pols) and constantly readjusting them to suite our needs. One slip and WHAM - you end up with crap like section 13 and open door immigration policies.

      But today is Canada Day, Ben....and I'll be damned if I cannot show a bit of pride in what we HAVE done right.

      So, I'll finish off by sending you a Happy Canada Day wish from the 'True North - Strong and Free' to you in the "Home of the Free and the land of the Brave'.

    4. should read 'aggravate' in the section 13 blurb ... will blame it on the beer or spell check or something.

  3. Thank you Dr. Egnor.

    I am very proud to be a Canadian!