Friday, July 19, 2013

Democrats losing another key demographic

The UK Church of Satan follows up on its tweet disavowing pro-abortion advocates in Texas:

"Why wouldn't Satanism be pro-life? What else is there? We are all free to make choices. Agreeable or not. Everyone is entitled to choice." — UK Church of Satan (@UKChurchofSatan)

A bit confused, but it's Satanists.

Tim Stanley:
Even devil worshippers want nothing to do with the abortion lobby – even people who sacrifice chickens to the moon goddess and dream of eternal damnation with the Lord of Flies find abortion ethically distasteful. Time for Nancy Pelosi to rethink her stance on the issue. Otherwise, she’s at risk of losing a key demographic in 2014…

Democrats had better be careful. Without Satanists in the blue column, elections in San Francisco might be pretty close... 


  1. The Church of Satan are consummate liars (by command). Lavay himself (in both the 'bible' and his biography) admits that the public face of the 'church' and the private rituals are at odds. Cannibalism and sacrifice are sacraments to them. His only advice against sacrificing children is that it (was) illegal. The Crowleyites are a little more brazen. They think their 'age has come' and see great power in taking innocent life. Unfortunately, I think Crowley may have been correct on many of these issues. 'Do what thou wilt' seems to be increasingly the moral code of control (ie the elite). Paradoxical? No. Simply brilliant. Evil, but brilliant Evil.
    A typical example is the portrayal of the original lie as truth (scientism, positivism, hedonism, and the resultant moral subjectivity). Another is the growing indoctrination of the youth (through academia) into eliminative materilialist thinking. Crowley predicted both. His disciples went on to greatness and today we have many willing (and many unwittingly) following his creed.
    The Satanists are confused, I would agree. But they lie by command and embrace that confusion/contradiction as a form freedom. They see it as a route to power (personal) and control (over others).

  2. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyJuly 19, 2013 at 12:37 PM

    Popeye: "Satanism is just another Christian religion..."

    That ranks among the 100 stupidest comments I have ever read on the internet. You getting better, Popeye, but Jai Maharaj is still King of the Trolls by a long shot.

  3. The Pelosis and Bidens and Kennedys of the world are not really Catholics. And they certainly are not Christians.

    But you know that.

  4. Really Admiral? I’m quite certain Satan is an Abrihamic deity that was first named in the Old Testament.


  5. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyJuly 19, 2013 at 3:27 PM

    Satan is not a "deity", "Abrihamic" [sic] or otherwise.

  6. "Satanism is just another Christian religion[...]"
    Is that just ignorance, or deliberate obfuscation? Let's read on shall we?

    "[...]so no surprises here"
    Interesting choice of words.

    "Not that it matters; "
    But he is going to tell us anyway...

    "I bet like American Catholics, their abortion rate is no different than that of the general population. "
    A little libel for good measure.

    "Really Admiral?"
    Yes really, KW. Stupid or deliberately deceptive and libellous. Which is it?

    Now it gets very interesting.

    "I’m quite certain Satan is an Abrihamic [sic] deity that was first named in the Old Testament. "
    Satan is called a god, and the name of the prophet Abraham (deliberately?) misspelled? In one sentence?

    All of the above from Mr Pro Late Term abortion and Mr Anti ANYTHING Sacred?

    Like I said willingly or unwittingly.

  7. BTW Another Satanist made the news this week: