Monday, July 29, 2013

The truth about the release of the Lockerbie killer

Several of the Syracuse University students murdered
in the Lockerbie bombing. 

From the Telegraph:

Lockerbie bomber release linked to arms deal, according to secret letter

An email sent by the then British ambassador in Tripoli details how a prisoner transfer agreement would be signed once Libya “fulfils its promise” to buy an air defence system.

The disclosure is embarrassing for members of the then Labour government, which always insisted that Abdelbaset al-Megrahi’s release was not linked to commercial deals.

The email, which contained a briefing on the UK’s relations with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, was sent on June 8 2008 by Sir Vincent Fean, the then UK ambassador, to Tony Blair’s private office, ahead of a visit soon after he stepped down as prime minister.

Mr Blair flew to Tripoli to meet Gaddafi on June 10, in a private jet provided by the dictator, one of at least six visits Mr Blair made to Libya after quitting Downing Street.

The briefing, which runs to 1,300 words, contains revealing details about how keen Britain was to do deals with Gaddafi. It also suggests that: 
Þ the UK made it a key objective for Libya to invest its £80 billion sovereign wealth fund through the City of London 
Þ the UK was privately critical of then President George Bush for “shooting the US in the foot” by continuing to put a block on Libyan assets in America, in the process scuppering business deals 
Þ the Department for International Development was eager to use another Libyan fund worth £130 million to pay for schemes in Sierra Leone and other poverty-stricken countries.

Please read the whole thing.

The Lockerbie bomber-- and his Libyan employers-- murdered 270 people-- including 189 Americans, including 35 kids from Syracuse University returning home for Christmas.

It was always obvious that the fix was in when Al-Megrahi was released. The only question was: what fix?

We probably know now. The Brit Labor government, most prominently Tony Blair, along with his wealthy buddies, cut a deal to let the murderer of several hundred innocents go free for some pretty cash.

The U.S. should prosecute these vermin, including Blair.

Except our government is run by gangsters, too.


  1. There's no way that my opinion of Tony Blair will ever change. He should have been prosecuted for war crimes (along with his buddy, George W Bush) in starting the illegal invasion of Iraq.

    There's no comparison between a crime of commission (in starting a war causing the deaths of thousands - and that's just one's own troops) and a crime of omission (in 'forgiving' someone else's crime after the fact).

    1. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyJuly 29, 2013 at 8:13 AM

      Tony Blair was the Perfect Leftist.

      He buried the Government in debt. He and his minions destroyed the schools. His welfare and immigration policies fractured British society and provided safe haven for terrorists. His gun laws and crime policy made British streets more dangerous and incarcerated innocent homeowners.

      His foreign policy errors are minor in comparison to the havoc he and his ministers wreaked on the United Kingdom. Even Labourites - men and women who would have manned the barricades for Communist scum like Arthur Scargill - left the party in disgust and in droves.

  2. troy:

    Providing material aid to terrorists (releasing them from prison in exchange for bribes) who have killed American citizens isn't a crime under US law?

    And even if it isn't technically a crime, that wouldn't stop Eric Holder from prosecuting.

  3. Providing material aid to terrorists (releasing them from prison in exchange for bribes) who have killed American citizens isn't a crime under US law?

    U.S. law doesn't apply outside of the U.S. Perhaps you may have noticed that the U.K. is not part of the U.S.

  4. Guantanamo.

    Tony looks nice in orange.

  5. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyJuly 29, 2013 at 5:37 PM

    There's always the American Embassy in London. :-)

  6. Coax him in with some new award-- The Tony Blair Award for British-Libyan Comity-- then throw a net over him.

  7. Smiling Tony's escapades were begun long before Libyan deals. He sold out the UK to the EU. He invited Adams to number 10 - a man up to his neck in British blood.
    For those actions alone, the man should be made to stand trial in the UK. Instead he has been given portfolio several times since.
    Libya? He probably got a green light from Washington for that trail of slime. And let's not forget Alex Salmond's (SNP) role in that debacle.
    As for American interests, they seem currently rather occupied with their own agenda of plugging 'leaks' on war crimes and big brother type issues, issuing 'stand down' orders (Libya again), militarizing DHS, and playing regime change games in the Middle East.
    Like you noted, Mike: They're a bunch of gangsters too!

  8. Guantanamo.

    Guantanamo exists precisely because U.S. law doesn't apply there. If it did, then all of the people held there would be entitled to due process. But since you don't care one whit about the law, you don't care.

  9. Under what legal theory are unlawful combatants captured on foreign territory during war entitled to due process under the US Constitution?