Thursday, July 4, 2013

Defending freedom of speech

Appropriate for this Fourth of July, the Discovery Institute has sent a letter and a petition with 7000 signatures to Ball State University, which is conducting a plainly biased inquisition of Professor Eric Hedin, who teaches a course on the philosophical and theological implications of science in the astronomy department.

The letter is here.

Great job. Let's keep up the pressure to defend Hedin. We can't let the bastards get him.


  1. An analogous situation would be a petition from the KKK in support of George Zimmerman.


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  4. Pépé,

    "I realy need a gun to protect my family (like Crus) but my Government won't let me."
    Take a drive through to Ontario and you can have your FAC (Federal Permit) in less than 48 hours, mate. A written test (idiot proof) and issuance. At that point you can purchase a half decent semi auto rifle or a decent pump shotgun. Both will do for home defence.
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