Friday, September 28, 2012

Raw anti-Semitism from AP, Reuters

The Associated Press just published this photo of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking at the UN:

Associated Press

Reuters just published this photo:


There were thousands of photos from Netanyahu's speech. The AP and Reuters chose these to publish.

It's hard to know what to say. AP and Reuters are bastions of the world-wide media. Anti-Semitism-- raw Jew-hatred-- is shamelessly mainstream.

There is something very evil growing in our world.

(HT Weekly Standard)


  1. Michael,

    So what makes you think the images are anti-Semitic? He's making a point with his left hand.

    1. He thinks it is because it looks to him like a Nazi salute. But any actual Jew, and anyone with at least half a brain (both categories that leave out Egnor) know that the salute was done with the right hand, making Netanyahu's gesture nothing like that.

      As usual, this post is just Egnor demonstrating that he is a lying, ignorant, sack of crap.