Saturday, July 21, 2012

Elizabeth Warren's real heritage


  1. One Elizabeth Warren is worth a thousand Michael Egnors.

  2. This cartoon was drawn by a partisan hack who doesn't know much about socialism and is propagated by like-minded bigots (who have no idea, either).

    I won't bother responding to this bullshit. I will, however, link to an opinion letter by Milos Forman (who happens to have a good idea about socialism): Socialist? Note even close.

    Chicken hawks.

    1. I won't bother responding to this bullshit.

      You already have, bozo!

      You remember me of Stephen Hawking saying that Philosophy is dead and not realizing that he was actually stating a philosophical statement.

      Talk about shouting yourself in the foot.

      My take on this is this theorem (syllogism):

      1) The quantity of intelligence on earth is constant.
      2) The number of humans is constantly growing.
      3) Therefore, PhDs are worth less and less.

      That figures!

    2. What was that? A cheese-eating surrender monkey?

      Racist! You should be ashamed of yourself!

      BTW, is Hitler your hero?

    3. Oleg, 

      Cheese eating surrender monkies? Wow. Not sure what that slur has to do with commentary, Oleg. But you're off. WAY off. 

      The man speaks French, but he is not of France. 

      Pépé's people are not the ones who surrendered. They took part in the liberation of Europe. One of their most Regiments the 'Van Doos' (a play on the French word for 22nd - vingt-deuxième), or the Royal 22e Regiment. The Van Doos are and have been a great and historic force within the Forces with which I serve. They have the distinction of having, so far, earned THREE Victoria Crosses, the highest honour in our (and the commonwealth) military. They have also been instrumental in dispelling ancient bigotries from the services (note: I AM and Anglo Canadian saying this!)

      They may like cheese (so do I, actually) but they are MEN and certainly not prone to surrender. 

      They are a French Speaking regiment in the Royal Canadian Armed Forces, and have served with honour in both world wars as well as the recent conflict in Afghanistan

      Pépé is a Québécoise, and a Canadian.

      Our colours do not run. 


    4. **(note: I am Anglo Canadian saying this!)

    5. crus,

      I was totally kidding. It was an inside joke meant to tweak conservatives, and it worked perfectly.

      If you click on the link in my comment then you will see that the "slur" was a satire that appeared first in The Simpsons. It was later popularized by Jonah Goldberg, a columnist at conservative National Review. He was half-serious.

      I have no problem with the French. I like their culture and their science. I have a good friend and a colleague who is Québécoise.

      But I don't like fools. And Pépé is a Québécoise and a fool. It's the latter that is the problem.

    6. @oleg,

      I do hope that you saw my little syllogism as being a joke also.

      I don't know what nationality your are and that's irrelevant. But you are certainly and unequivocally a fool too, so that's make two of us. Like we say in Québécois:

      Plus on est de fous, plus on rit!

    7. Pépé, much of what you say is hilarious, perhaps unintentionally so. And if you are into proverbs, I am totally game.

      A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

      I don't take myself seriously, in other words.

    8. Oleg & Pépé
      Fair enough. I thought the comment was a serious one, I am not really a fan of the simpsons or the national review.
      So I will gladly join the fools parade :P

    9. @oleg,

      I don't take myself seriously...

      Neither do I!


  3. Yeah, take that Elizabeth Warren! We can't attack you on the issues, because you're popular on those, and these crumbs are all that's left! And also we've pretty much abandoned preferential option for the poor and vulnerable, which the CFPB (which we've been told to hate) defends, and have fully hooked up with the Republican agenda.

    1. Her integrity is an issue. Her racism is an issue. Her willingness to do anything to advance her career is an issue.


    2. Her family story that turned out not to be, as far as I know, true puts her in the same boat as Rubio.