Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Best wishes to our friends to the north on this day of celebration of a great nation and a great people! 


  1. Thank you very much for your kind words and wishes.

  2. Cheers, Mike. Been a great one so far.
    All the best to you and your folks.
    Here's to our friends Stateside (raises glass!)

  3. I like Canada! Been to BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Newfoundland. Vancouver is my favourite North American city!

  4. Oleg,
    I am glad you enjoy being here :)
    You should join us for Canada Day one year. They do some great celebrations on both the mainland and the Island.

    There is a city for each taste in Canada. Many of my friends from the US and Mexican West Coast LOVE Vancouver, many other of my friends from the Midwestern US LOVE and the 'Mesa' (area near Mex DF / Pueblo etc) love Calgary and Western Alberta, and many I know from the Eastern States and UK that love Halifax and ST Johns. It seems most people enjoy Toronto and Montreal as well. Myself? I generally avoid the big cities these days (spent years growing up in Liverpool, Toronto, and Los Angeles), but I would have to say Halifax is probably the one that suites my tastes most. The area I live in now is just a couple of hours out of Toronto and Ottawa on the Upper Lakes. I absolutely love the landscapes and seascapes up this way. The people are a perfect fit for me too - lots of military, artists, and academics to argue all day and night, politely of course :P
    Newfoundland is a gorgeous place - especially the West and Labrador coasts... Just stunning, as is Cape Breton Island. We have family out there and I was stationed in that region for a couple of years.
    But what I would really recommend for a unique experience is a trip into the Arctic. There are several ways to get there, none of them very cheap, but it is worth every penny. Northern NEwfoundland/Labrador and the Upper Lakes are Amazing too.
    Anyway, glad you enjoy being here.
    Come back soon!

    And, again THANKS for the well wishes Mike and Oleg.