Sunday, July 29, 2012

"I am Sin"

A disturbing video, that tells the truth. 


  1. Michael,

    It is certainly 'disturbingly'. That someone would use an adverb as an adjective. Or be impressed by such rubbish. Particularly someone who thinks that it is quite OK for a disturbed person to legally acquire a semiautomatic rifle capable of being modified to fire 50 rounds a minute, as in Aurora.

  2. Replies
    1. Michael,

      I shouldn't have noted your typo. Anyway, not particularly disturbing (if at all). Not not much truth either.

    2. My typo. Two 'nots'. Perhaps like the Russian where two negatives is still a negative perhaps??

    3. Michael,

      Which 'fact' is 'true'? All I could see was a video promoting the idea that everyone is susceptible to unspecified 'sins', and that believers should be very, very worried.

      As an atheist, I know that the mind, the self and free will are all illusions, a product of our brains, determined by our genetics and experiences.

      We don't have free will, but we do have free won't. There's nothing wrong or even 'sinful', to use your terminology, to have to override bad ideas causing harm to others.

    4. bach,

      You shouldn't drink so much prior to commenting.

    5. Michael,

      I'm teetotal. You shouldn't drink so much communion wine. Confessing so many 'thought crimes' is bad for the mind.

  3. Ooh…Scary, especially with blacks represented at double their population.


  4. Sin is as real as you or I.
    It is the organized intelligent effort of elemental Evil.
    Pretend it is not there, hide it, reason it away with explanations and subjectivism - but, it still exists. It exists as a concept, and as a force beyond our normal comprehension. It is supernatural? It has aspects that could be described as being part of that realm of understanding - but it transcends.
    It is physical, mental, and spiritual.
    It may infect or invade from any one aspect into the others.

    Sin has many advantages.
    It is often sensually pleasant, offers immediate rewards or gratifications, and is always very selfish.
    Sin is often self evident, but not always!
    In fact the best advantage Sin may have is when it finds a being so utterly lost, innocent, and/or naive that it may convince them it does not exist at all.
    It wins the trust and betrays.
    Laugh at it, hide from it, ignore it, or embrace it and explain it away - but it will not simply vanish. It will be no less potent or real.
    Men will commit great sins. Men will perish in sin. Men will repent of their sin. Civilizations will rise and fall with sin.
    Sin is as real as language, history, art, and even mathematics. It is more so.
    It is as real as you are.