Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maybe E.T. was a double-agent?

An article in Foreign Policy notes that we're woefully unprepared for a space alien invasion:

[T]here's one thing that unites Americans: Our shared fear of an alien attack. They also remind us that when the invading space fleet arrives, humanity is not going to surrender without a fight to our intergalactic invaders. Instead, we will band together to fight off their incredibly advanced weaponry with our ... well, with what, exactly? Are we really ready to battle our would-be alien overlords?

 With the Global Warming Apocalypse looming, we sure don't need another threat the planet earth. 


  1. Yikes! Better give up all our human rights and welcome in a 'New Age' of global governance to defend us from the 'aliens'.
    OBVIOUSLY this proves there is no God and that we need a Great Leader who will redistribute the wealth and get rid of our over population so we do not hamper our defence of Mother Earth from our 'space cousins'. Better kill all the weak and infirm, just in case the climate or aliens do first. Maybe a good alien will help us.
    A bright one who brings light? One who will give us wonders and signs through science and mystery?
    Maybe he will show us how to properly sacrifice our infants and worship the wonders and signs he brings us?
    Excuse me while I run of to the blue helmets and turn in my guns, so I may be a better 'citizen of the world'....
    After all the SKY IS FALLING!

  2. Random chaotic mutations creating the diversity of life, gazillions of hostile universes popping all over the place, anthropomorphic global warming looming for our destruction, alien attacks that will obliterate mankind...

    Since when did Hollywood SciFi Studios start giving PhDs?