Saturday, November 24, 2012

"A Declaration of War" from the Youth of France

A video from the French youth group Generation Identitaire that occupied a Mosque in Poiters in October. The location of the Mosque was not a coincidence. A banner unfurled during the occupation referred to Charles Martel.

The young people make some perfectly valid points. The unfettered immigration of Muslims into France and the pervasive socialist mismanagement of the French government is a catastrophe that these young people will have to pay for, personally.

Yet there is a thread of violence that runs through this that is very disturbing. Fervent European nationalism-- worship of blood and soil-- is a sanguinary business, and the rise of Islam in Europe combined with socialist economic madness and enraged soil-and-blood-worshiping nationalists bodes very badly. The most likely outcome of this pressure-cooker is the balkanization of Western Europe, in the next century or so. Fascist enclaves and Muslim enclaves, at perpetual war.

The de-Christianization of Europe continues apace.

To the last few generations of secular European decision-makers, who gave Europe socialism and massive Muslim immigration: thanks, a**holes.


  1. But France is a country full of atheists, therefore it's evil.

  2. What are the odds that any of these French "youths", much less a significant number of them, have any intention of living as Christians themselves? A nationwide and sincere return to Christianity is the only thing that can save the nations of Europe (*) ... and that's the one thing no one wants to do.

    (*) and America, for that matter

    1. I live in France. Most French people don't give a damn about religion (I don't know anyone who goes to church), and I'm really happy about this.

    2. Illion:

      You're exactly right. That's the problem-- without Christianity, all of these efforts to set things right will just introduce new evils.

    3. Tradition is replaced by fantasy in such movements. The Frankish knights are described as 'Nordic' and 'pagan' on their website, and they associate with ancient runes and symbols. They talk of 'blood' and quote Voltaire.
      This is a prime example of the dialectic at work. The 'new choice' is the old choice - 'left' or 'right' - and the outcome is a synthesis.
      We have seen this before on a national level with the Nazis, but now this movement is Europe wide in an already federal Europe.
      The choice of tradition has been removed and reinvented as a religion of the blood. The symbol of Sparta used in place of a swastika.
      The backlash has begun in FRANCE, for God's sake.

      Dr Egnor, you know well I have been predicting this for a long while. We have seen it come to pass in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Spain, Greece, and now EVEN France.
      This is accelerating rapidly.
      The engineered collapse is fast approaching.
      May God help all of us when it arrives.

    4. @cREX: Spot on. Crying shame, too.

      I see the same false dichotomies (dialectic of evil) at work in American politics too.

    5. @John and crus:

      "False dichotomies-- dialectic of evil". Very interesting way to look at it. True in many ways, I think.

      Has echoes of Girard.

    6. "Dr Egnor, you know well I have been predicting this for a long while."

      Back when the UE was just getting started, I was somewhat active in the discussion boards for a historical-strategy game. Half or more of the regulars were Europeans, mostly kids/teens … most of whom thought the EU was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and who just couldn’t grasp my warning that it would end badly. In blood.

    7. John,
      Agreed 100% While I would suggest these feelings are gaining a serious momentum in the USA and the Western world in general, the European continent seems to have reached a critical mass.
      Again, I agree it is a 'crying shame'.

      I have been saying the same thing to the same wide eyed youth for years now. While I feel vindicated increasingly (and have even seen some of these people do an about-face!), I cannot say I am pleased to be correct at all.
      I had sincerely wished and prayed - for more than a decade now - that I was being 'paranoid' (as they has so often claimed) and just was just plain wrong.
      Unfortunately for all concerned I have been correct all along. And so were you, Ilion.
      It will end in bloodshed and strife.

  3. Reading the subtitles, it's clear that they object to the (totally predictable) effects of leftism. Yet, they phrase their objection in leftist language. How will that work out for them, if they will not free themselves of leftist "thought"?

    1. My suspicion is they are fighting fire with fire, the only tactic they know. That does not bode well for the trees or the forest in general.
      The aspect you have (very astutely!) pointed out is evidence, in my mind, of the metaphorical man behind the curtain. Evidence of an agenda that has a much longer plan, purpose, or goal than the immediate politics of the day.
      It is an agenda of true power over the minds, lives, and very souls of the people in question.

  4. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s all part of God’s great plan. He’s known forever what’s going to happen. Struggle if you must, but we all know how it’s going to end in Armageddon.


    1. True. What matters is what you shape your soul into during your time on earth, not the fleeting works of your hands that are here today, rotted away and forgotten tomorrow. It's a good reminder, sarcastic delivery notwithstanding.

  5. Your ideological brethren at Free Republic seem to cheer these youths on. Quelle surprise!

  6. Frontpage magazine says these youths represent "a revival of a French identity." And comments below the article leave no doubt who the American right-wingers sympathize with.

  7. Génération Identitaire is the youth wing of Bloc Identitaire, a far-right political organization in France. Here is how Bloc's leader Fabrice Robert describes the organization's intellectual roots:

    "We trace our political roots in the Catholic social teaching, in the French socialism of a Proudhon or a Sorel, in the European federalism of a great European like Coudenhove-Kalergi or a brithon [Breton] like Yann Fouéré who dreamt a Europe of a Hundred Flags, a Europe base on the rich fabric of our different regional identities, without of course forgetting the contributions of the” New Right ” where Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye played a crucial role. But those predecessors are more role models or sources of inspiration than strict ideological masters."