Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Hey... that Jew is fightin' back!"

Steven Crowder has a fine three-minute synopsis of the history of Israel.

Things are getting uglier there by the minute. Please pray for the Israelis, and for the innocent Palestinians, who are all victims of the anti-semitic thugs who run things in the Arab Muslim world. 


  1. personally I prefer this summary.

    Matthew 20:16

    First Time Caller (Calling Again)

    1. @First:

      The difficulty with your view is that the Israelis are willing to share the middle east-- they have a tiny part of it-- and live in peace with the muslims.

      The muslims on the other hand demand the extermination of israel.

      Equating israel and the muslims is like equating the jews and the nazis. There was disagreement between, but culpability for evil is not exactly evenly divided.

    2. Perhaps I should have added the disclaimer that the views of this commentator to not necessarily relate to the material posted.

      If anything, it's merely a comment on the fact that this issue is not as cut and dry as some would like to think. The problem did not begin in 1948, nor did it first escalate in 1967.

      First Time Caller (Calling Again)

  2. While the Paleo-stinians were busy mutilating the genitalia of little girls and murdering babies with man-carried nail bombs, the Jews were busy. And this time around, thank God, the Jews have some of the most advanced military technology on the planet backed up with a nuclear arsenal.

    Good hunting, Bibi.