Thursday, September 3, 2015

For Planned Parenthood officials, orange is the new black

Orange jumpsuits, that is.
Uh oh: Did latest CMP video show confession of lawbreaking in Minnesota?

In an unexpected development, the video released from the Center for Medical Progress on Tuesday may land both Planned Parenthood and Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) in legal hot water. ABR procurement manager Perrin Larton told CMP investigators that they work with clinics in several states (starting at 4:35 in the video), including in Minnesota. There’s only one problem with that — fetal tissue donation is illegal in all instances in Minnesota, whether compensated or not...

Pop the champagne. I'd pay good money to see these scum off to prison. Prosecutors need to go after all of these murderers--national PP officials as well as the state and local scum. Will it happen? PP is a profoundly corrupt network of abortion mills, and they shovel a lot of money into a lot of coffers.

The simple fact that the organization exists and that its functionaries aren't already in prison speaks to its skill at bribery.

Pray for justice, and pray for the tens of millions of souls dismembered and dissected and disposed and sold for parts by these monsters. 


  1. "Pray for justice, and pray for the tens of millions of souls dismembered and dissected and disposed and sold for parts by these monsters."

    How do you dismember, dissect and dispose of a soul? I thought that they were eternal.

    If PP broke any laws, then the people involved should be charged. Just as anyone who disobeys a court order against protesting in front of an abortion clinic should be charged. If you break the law there are consequences. If you intentionally and willfully break the law, the consequences should be more serious.

    I am pro choice but I would also like to see a day when abortion is not seen as something that is needed by someone. But the way to reduce abortions is not by criminalizing any woman who seeks one.

    You can reduce abortions by reducing unwanted pregnancies, especially amongst teens. But you don't do this by telling them not to have sex. The sexual drive is just too great. Besides, sex is fun. You do it by arming the kids with factual information, not by scaring or threatening them. And by making sure that reliable and safe forms of birth control are available to them. But, unfortunately, a large percentage of people who oppose all abortions also oppose artificial birth control.

  2. You don't seem to like abortion, "pro-choice" notwithstanding.

    What is it that you don't like about abortion?

    1. Michael,

      It's reasonable not to like abortion because it's an invasive procedure with some risks (even medical abortions). It's not reasonable to oppose measures that prevent unwanted pregnancies, such as providing affordable contraception and sex education, as you do.

    2. "What is it that you don't like about abortion?"

      Is this a serious question? No woman looks forward to an abortion with pleasure. No woman ever has sex thinking that if she gets pregnant, no big deal, I can always have an abortion.

    3. What is objectionable to you about abortion?

    4. [It's reasonable not to like abortion because it's an invasive procedure with some risks (even medical abortions).]

      The mortality rate is quite high--100% actually. The abortion isn't successful unless someone dies.

    5. Michael,

      The doctor's contract is with the patient being operated on. The person giving informed consent for the procedure.

      By your argument, the mortality rate for pregnancy is also very high. At least 30% of all pregnancies finish in spontaneous abortions, often without the woman being aware of it. Considering the number of elective abortions compared to all pregnancies, God is the cause of more deaths than abortion providers. And you argued in the past that God is the cause of everything, except for the small wriggle room of free will.

  3. If there was a fire in a hospital and you had to make the choice between saving 5000 frozen fertilized eggs or a crying baby in an incubator, which do you save? If each fertilized egg has a soul of equal value to an adult human, the answer is easy. So, which is it?

    1. I'd save the baby, just like I'd save my own child rather than a dozen strangers.

      My human choices under great stress don't determine the humanity of other people.