Saturday, September 5, 2015

Obama's sons have been busy

Busy killing police officers, that is:

Couple Arrested=> Charged With Torture, Murder of Abilene Police Officer – Wrote Anti-Cop Slurs in Blood

Please pray for the officer and his family.

Police officer Don Allen, 27, was murdered as a forseeable consequence of Democrats' deliberate policy to incite racial hate and violence against police.

Do not forget this: Omaba intended to incite people to kill cops. 


  1. Could you provide a link to this policy to incite hate and violence towards the police? Or is this just another one of your lunatic conspiracy theories?

    There is no need to answer. It was a rhetorical question.

    1. The Democrat Left is hyping rare acts of police violence to incite racial fear and retaliation. It is being done for two goals-- to gin up black votes, and to disrupt society (Cloward-Piven),

      It is the precise equivalent of hyping rare rapes of white women by blacks, to gin up violence against blacks in the Old South.

      And it's being done by the same Democrats.

    2. It would have been easier for you just to say that there is no policy.

    3. Backfield, please don't confuse him with facts.