Monday, September 21, 2015

Global Warming fascist provides a succinct description of climate science

As you're probably aware, a coterie of 20 global warming fascists wrote a letter to the Attorney General demanding criminal prosecution under RICO statutes of organizations who are skeptical of global warming "science". Here's a great link at Red State with the email addresses of the Stazi scientists. Give'em a piece of your mind.

One of the bastards--Barry A. Klinger-- provided an explanation for his effort to criminalize scientific dissent.

He quoted a RICO judgement against tobacco companies to define the five elements of fraud:
Generally, a plaintiff must prove five elements by "clear and convincing evidence" to prevail on a fraud claim. See e.g., Armstrong v Accrediting Council Continuing Educ. & Training, Inc., 961 F. Supp. 305, 309 (D.D.C. 1997). They are: (1) a false representation, (2) in reference to a material fact, (3) made with the knowledge of its falsity, (4) with the intent to deceive, and (5) on which action is taken in reliance upon the representation. ( p. 1564)
Hmmm... 'deliberate deception by false representation of facts on which action is taken' is a stunningly precise description of climate science.

R.I.C.O. prosecution is a great idea. The entire climate science community should be investigated. Let's start with their emails.   

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